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The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted our lives in many ways. Jobs and schools went remote, and we are spending more time than ever inside of our homes. Even almost a year later, we are still spending a significant amount of time inside our houses. In fact, throughout the pandemic, a lot of people decided to relocate and find homes that better fit their needs. As many people decided to sell their homes and buy new ones, some home buying trends have emerged. Nowadays, home buyers are looking for very specific things. These are six home upgrades home buyers are looking for during the pandemic:

1- A comfortable place to work or study

Nowadays, most people are working and studying from home. Therefore, people are looking for homes with space for offices and/or classrooms. Because there is no clear timeline as to when people will go back to their offices, the demand for home office space is very high. Not only that, but with so many students learning virtually as well, buyers are looking for homes with spaces that can accommodate everyone’s needs.

If you are trying to sell your home, staging a room in your house to show its virtual learning/ remote working probabilities will increase its appeal. Even if you are not currently in need of a home office, showing potential buyers the possibility of establishing one could help you sell your home faster.

2- A nice outdoor space

Because we have been spending so much time at home, many home buyers are actively looking for places with outdoor areas. Homes with backyards and nice outdoor areas are selling fast. Buyers are looking for spaces where they can relax and unwind, and an outdoor space can be the perfect place for that.

If you are trying to sell your home and you have an outdoor area, doing some minor updates could increase the appeal. Minor landscaping upgrades could make a huge difference. Depending on your budget, adding upgrades such as an outdoor kitchen could also make your home sell faster.

3- A place to exercise

Even though many gyms are already open, a lot of people are forgoing them during the pandemic. Therefore, the popularity of at-home gyms has increased tremendously. When house hunting, many home buyers are looking for rooms where they can keep their exercise equipment.

If you are a seller and your home does not have the space for a fully equipped gym, you could still show buyers the possibility of a space for working out. Carving out a corner where home buyers will be able to picture their future at-home HIIT workouts will do the trick!

4- A laundry room

The pandemic has created a high level of concern when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. Therefore, more home buyers are looking for places with laundry rooms than they were before the pandemic.

If you have a laundry room, now is the time to spruce it up!

5- Separation of space

Because we are spending so much time at home with our families, separation of space is now more important than ever. Nowadays, a lot of home buyers are more interested in homes with separate rooms than they are in open-space concepts. Having distinct rooms helps to minimize volume from other people’s activities, which is something that everyone is looking for during the pandemic.

If you do not have a lot of separation of space in your home, consider adding barn doors, pocket doors, or even room dividers for a quick and easy solution.

6- If you have a guest-house, show it off!

A guest house can be a very attractive feature for home buyers. Guest homes can provide an option for people living in a multigenerational home. In addition, if allowed in the area, it could become a potential source of rental income.

If you have a property with a guest-house, make sure to show it off to potential buyers! Make sure to stage it just as nicely as you would your main house in order to show all of its possibilities.

6 features home buyers are looking for

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