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Home staging is the process of preparing a property for sale by making it more appealing to the highest number of potential home buyers. The act goes beyond decorating and cleaning. Below we list 7 benefits of having a home staged by a professional.

Home Staging: 7 benefits of having a home staged by a professional

1 – Home Staging sells your home faster

According to RESA (Real Estate Staging Association), staged properties sell 73% faster.

The analysis took into consideration 174 properties that were already listed on the market for an average of 156 days. These properties then went through a staging process, which reduced their time spent on the market by impressive 73%. In other words, it took only an average of 42 days for these properties, once staged, to be sold.

This study tells us that staged homes sells, on average, in 42 days. It is not worth, therefore, listing the property on the market first to see if it sells and then do the home staging. If owners opt to stage the property first, they will sell 73% faster.

2 – Home staging can add up to 20% of your home’s value. 

According to the Real Estate Staging Association, 63% of people are willing to pay more for a home move-in ready.

Also, by presenting a home in its best condition, with a beautiful interior design, stagers help sellers get better offers for their property.

Depending on the Home Staging service you higher, the value of your property can increase up to 20%. And that does not mean you have to invest a large amount of money. Usually 1% of the value of the property is what it takes to have an increase in 10% on the price. Working with the right home staging consultant maximizes your return on investment.

Home Staging Services

3 – Home Staging makes it easier to promote your home

90% of people use the internet to begin their home search and most of these buyers judge whether or not to walk through a property by first seeing the listing photo on the internet. Of course that is a very strong reason to higher a professional Real Estate photographer. But what is the point of hiring such service if the residence has not the proper decoration? The combination of a staged home and professional photographs definitely speaks to potential home buyers online.

Home Staging makes it easier to promote your home

A proper Home Staging takes that into consideration. It is not only about making a good first impression to buyers who visit the property, but also preparing the home for professional photographs so the property can be well advertised online.

A professional Home Staging makes it easier to create amazing pictures and virtual tours as well turning your home more appealing to online homebuyers.

4 – Home Staging minimizes the risk of low-ball offers

Home Staging requires that small repairs and renovations be made. This prevents buyers from depreciating the property in an attempt to get lower prices.

By showing a residence in its best condition, sellers get better offers for their homes. This minimizes the risk of low-ball offers.

5 – Staging allows buyers to mentally picture

Most people find it difficult to imagine what it would be like to live on the property when it is either empty or with a messy decoration. They usually lose interest quickly. They need to have a pleasant sensation.

6 – Sinergy with Realtor’s work

A Real Estate Agent will work to sell your property as quickly as possible and for the best price, dealing with all the negotiations and bureaucracies involved. On the other hand, a Professional Home Stager will market your home visually, working the buyer’s senses. Combining the work of both professionals will bring an important synergy in the selling process.

7 – Stand out from the competition

There might be hundreds or even thousands of homes on your neighborhood. How about new constructions? Why a buyer would choose your home among all the others? A reduced price might not be the answer. How often have you seen properties spending years on the market, even after owner’s reduces their prices consecutively?

A Professional Stager knows how to make your home stand out among competitors. They have the experience to arrange your residence in a way that maximizes lighting and make it shines better. They can arrange furniture to make it look bigger, warmer and charming. Such actions and details, when done by a professional, certainly get your home sold faster and with a better value.

Why hire a professional home stager

You might think you are able to stage your property on your own. But remember, you are not a professional and everyone else is probably thinking the same. The word here is “stand out”. You will never have the experience of a Professional Home Stager and, most important, you will hardly get rid of personal tastes and emotional preferences when trying to stage.

Your preferences regarding colors, materials, furniture and accessories are NOT the market’s preferences. You will hardly take actions without being influenced by your own personal concepts. The result will most probably be a poorly staging work that will not do the job, besides efforts and money thrown away.

Why hire a professional home stager

Stand out! Talk to a professional and sell your property faster with a higher price. Marsi Group has a Professional Staging Team with experience in Florida’s market.

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