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Do you prefer to live in a house or an apartment? Both residence formats bring advantages and disadvantages. Houses tend to bring a greater sense of home and coziness, in addition to giving more freedom and privacy to owners. Apartments, on the other hand, can bring more convenience and security. Often there is no availability of houses for sale in a particular region or neighborhood, especially in large urban centers, where the land is already taken over by vertical constructions. To solve this trade-off, some luxury builders in Miami are investing in the “House in the Sky” concept. Read on to learn more about this concept and why it is attracting interest from international investors to Florida.

"House in the Sky": The concept that became a trend in Miami
Sky Collection (House in the Sky) – Waldorf Astoria Miami

What is the concept of “House in the Sky”

Some builders are betting on this trend as a solution for investors who want to enjoy the convenience and services offered by luxury condominiums, but also have the feeling of being in a home, with all the freedom, privacy and space that this type of residence offers compared to apartments in vertical buildings.

The preference for houses in recent years has increased dramatically in Florida because of the pandemic. People came to understand that a house could be safer than an apartment in densely populated buildings (greater risk of contagion in elevators and common areas). Furthermore, during quarantine periods, living in a house would supposedly be much better than spending months confined to an apartment, as a house would have its own private outdoor area, with a swimming pool, barbecue and other amenities.

large single-family homes with backyard are the most demanded in Florida nowadays
large single-family homes with backyard are the most demanded in Florida nowadays

Because of this perception, demand for single-family homes in Florida (single-family homes) exploded during the pandemic periods, putting pressure on prices in this segment. Florida home inventory has shrunk to trough levels. At the same time, apartments in vertical buildings started to be sold and in low demand, causing the opposite effect on prices.

It so happens that, in the absence of houses on the market, buyers started to turn their attention to the large apartments in Miami, which were now at super attractive prices. It also did not take long for people to realize that apartments did not pose a great risk of contagion in relation to homes, as condominiums in Florida generally follow strict security protocols. In addition, luxury condominiums in Miami are true clubs, with all the infrastructure: sports courts, resort-style swimming pools, gyms, mini-cinemas, spa, business center, among other amenities. There are so many amenities that hardly a suburban home can compete.

And to make the apartments even more attractive, some developers decided to go even further. How about a private pool on the balcony of your unit “in heaven”? What if you can park your car inside your own apartment? This is possible in Miami!

Porsche Design Tower: Pioneer of the “House in the Sky” concept

Porsche Design Tower condominium was the pioneer of the concept “House in the Sky” in the world. With innovative technology, construction company Dezer Developments has managed to offer Porsche Tower owners a revolutionary car lift, which allows the owner to park the vehicle within the apartment itself. No need to mingle with other people in the lobby. Just like in a house, you walk out of your garage straight into your living room.

Car elevator at Porsche Design Tower Miami
Car elevator at Posrche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Beach. As in a house, you park your car in your residence, steps away from your living room

Are you tired from an exhausting day at work? Relax in the pool right there “in the backyard”. In the case of the Porsche Design Tower the “backyard” is the immense gourmet balcony, with a large pool for up to 10 people and barbecue area.

Private Pool Balcony Porsche Design Tower as in a house in the sky

Following the same trend, the launch of Bentley Residences, by the same construction company, will also offer terrace with swimming pool and car lift. Both the Porsche Tower and the Bentley Residences have chosen the island of Sunny Isles Beach as their address. Both are oceanfront, walk-in-the-sand concept (get off the elevator and you’re on the beach).

Bentley Residences Miami also developed under the concept House in the Sky

Other condominiums in Miami also started to adopt this concept and bring what is most luxurious in the real estate market, resorting to technology and creativity, to make the apartment more and more convey the feeling of “home” to their owners.

Condos that follow the “House in the Sky” concept are usually a few units. They often fall into the category of “low-density condos”, another segment on the rise because they are exclusive and have few residents (lower risk of contagion in times of pandemic).

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