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Recently, the housing market in the U.S has been experiencing a total boom. In many markets, it has been a total seller’s market. However, there was a new influx of new listings in June, which was a great turn of events.

The housing market in the U.S has had a very short supply of homes since before the pandemic. Therefore, this new influx is great news. The number of new listings rose by 5.5% in June compared to last year. From May, it rose 10.9%. Although more listings are not the only factor needed to end the shortage, this is a good step.

Strong demand has increased housing prices to record highs, but additional inventory is good news for buyers. Having new listings helps the overall market, and gives buyers more options.

The housing market in the U.S is still tight. In fact, the inventory was down 43% in May compared to last year. However, thanks to the new listings, the overall annual drop was way smaller than in March, April, and May.

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Housing market in the U.S Update

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