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Hilton’s Aventura is part of the restaurant group called Hillstone Restaurant Group, which is present in 14 cities in the United States. Houston’s is a great restaurant option in Aventura. Just visiting the restaurant is already an attraction in itself due to the beautiful views that its huge windows provide of Maule Lake, especially at sunset time.

Houston's Aventura Restaurant

Its elegant decoration includes lamps designed to create the ideal atmosphere, even illustrations like Pablo Picasso’s Guernica on one of its walls.

In his public image, he assumes pride in producing everything on the same day, that is, avoiding any ingredient from the previous day and ensuring that some items are not served more than once a night, as they have limited ingredients to serve each one in the best possible way.

Another public position of the restaurant is the one that asks people to let them know if they have any allergies, so that they can remove that ingredient from a certain recipe and make that dish exclusively for her.

Houston's Aventura

And speaking of recipes, these are considered typical American food, “prepared daily from scratch and presented with care”, according to Mark Cashier, the chef in charge of the Hillstone chain.

On the Houston’s menu, you’ll find everything, starting with the good opening salad, going through the main course, which includes appetizing meals or snacks at the point until you get dessert.

Among salads, we can highlight some options, such as the Caesar Salad, which includes lettuce, Parmesan cheese, rustic croutons and the Caesar sauce, which is the main difference of the dish. In their choice of traditional salad, they even include bacon, in a dish that offers, in addition to smoked bacon, chopped egg, croutons and several options of complements, such as vinaigrette, honey mustard sauce and blue cheese.

Spinach cream at Houston’s in Aventura
Like some of the main dishes, it is worth mentioning that they offer several options for dinner such as seafood, beef, pork and poultry. Some examples are: smoked salmon in the chef’s sauce, the grilled chicken with the leaf mix accompanied by honey vinaigrette with peanut sauce, the marinated fillet accompanied by mango, chopped peanuts and basil, inspired by Thai cuisine, or else , one of the specialties of the house, the pork ribs accompanied by french fries and Ding coleslaw.

Now, if you’re looking for just a good quality snack, Houston’s can also be one of your choices, considering it offers a variety of burger and sandwich options.

Hours & Location – Houston’s Aventura

Address: 17355 Biscayne Boulevard – North Miami Beach, Florida 33160

Phone: (305) 947-2000

SUN – THURS11:30am – 10pm
FRI – SAT11:30am – 10:30pm


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