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Navigating the Miami canals or the Florida Sea is already part of the lifestyle of many residents and tourists in the Sunshine State. The city of Miami, in particular, guarantees a pleasant climate all year round, which provides wonderful moments and a very pleasant ride through the canals while it is possible to enjoy the Miami skyline and the tropical nature of South Florida. But how do you do boating in Miami? You can rent a boat or buy one. In this post we will explain how to buy a boat in Miami.

How to buy a boat in Miami

Find a specialized professional to guide your boat purchase in Miami

The first step is to find a qualified professional to guide the purchase. Miami has several agents who provide the service of buying and selling boats, motorboats and yachts. One of the best places to find a professional and get to know a wide variety of models is to visit the Miami Boat Show. The event is one of the largest nautical shows in the world with exhibitions of the best and largest brands of boats, motorboats, yachts and various other related products. The Miami Boat Show takes place annually, every beginning of the year.

It is very important to find a trained professional, as he can help you understand the real need and purpose of the purchase. Will it be for leisure, fishing or water sport? With or without cabin? Will the vessel be used for sailing in fresh or salt water? How many people should it behave? Are you interested in traveling by boat to the Bahamas or sleeping on an island near Miami? What type of engine (diesel or gasoline)? According to Rodrigo Ferreira, a boat sales consultant in Miami, “a diesel engine can cost up to 40% more, depending on the size of the boat”.

In the case of fishing vessels, Rodrigo suggests three main modalities: fresh water (bass boat), sea (central island) or high sea (sport fish). For water sports the most suitable would be boats with central motor or ski-boats. For leisure, cruises boats would be with or without cabin. There is also the option of larger boats, such as yachts. This modality would be more suitable for customers who like to take longer trips to stay overnight or spend days out.

Yes, it is possible to sail to the Bahamas. It takes about 2 to 3 hours depending on the boat. In these situations, a bigger boat is important. If you don’t want to go that far, there are paradise islands just off the coast of Miami that you can only access by water. All of this must be considered when deciding which vessel to buy.

Where to store the boat?

Miami offers a variety of options for storing boats. The boats are usually kept in marinas, which offer low cost in Florida. The professional hired to guide the purchase may indicate options.

There are also several condominiums with a marina for the owners. If the boat buyer also intends to buy real estate in Miami, it is important to consider the option of condos already with a marina.

How the Miami Boat Buying Process Works

The purchase process begins with an inspection. After the inspection, a navigation test is made to define the purchase or not. In case of business, the next phase of the boat purchase process is closing. Payment can be in cash or through financing with banks in Florida (low interest).

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