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I-395 construction is finally starting to take shape. This brand new bridge will lead to and from the MacArthur Causeway and South Beach. For a while, the construction of this piece of highway made that area of Miami almost unrecognizable. However, there has been progress.

This is part of a $818 million project by the Florida Department of Transportation. In total, the project will consist of the I-395 reconstruction, the double-decking of SR 836, and improvements on a portion of I-95. This might be some of the most complex highway projects Miami has experienced.

All of these projects will make the highway safer and more efficient. In addition, it will also make the road more beautiful. The new “signature bridge” will become an icon that represents the rebirth of Downtown Miami.

The land underneath the I-395 bridge will hold more than 30 acres of parks, trails, and public spaces. This will compliment the “Underline” which s being installed south of the Miami River.

Eventually, all the old infrastructure of the old I-395 bridge will be gone making room for the new signature bridge.

Right now, the I-395 construction is setting obstacles for people who need to commute to the area. However, in the future, this will be an incredible change for the city. All of this took decades in planning. Once completed, it will make the roads of Miami much more efficient.

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new I-395 construction will transform the city
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