For those who like to go karting here is a different tip to do in Orlando besides the parks. The I-Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing is the famous “Orlando Kart”. It is a fun indoor and very modern. Cars are electric, safe and unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The interior decoration and organization of the place is impressive.

I-Drive NASCAR indoor Kart Racing

Although it bears the name NASCAR, the Orlando Kart cannot be compared to the kart races you know in Brazil. Karts here are electric and go at a speed of up to 70 km per hour. There is no “frying” tire or gasoline smell in the air. The concept is a little different. In NASCAR Kart Racing I-Drive safety and technology comes first. The idea is to have a kart racing experience with total safety for all ages.

Orlando Kart

The place also has a restaurant bar, bowling, pool and some electronic toys. This way, the whole family can have fun while others drive.

kart Nascar Orlando

Address and contact information for the Orlando Kart

Address: 5228 Vanguard St., Orlando, FL 32819

Phone: +1 407-581-9644

Sunday: 11AM – 10PM
Monday – Thursday: 12PM – 10PM
Friday and Saturday: 11AM – 12AM

Website: (photos taken from the official website)

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