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Icon Park, famous for the Orlando Wheel, has emerged in Florida as a major park in the region. It does not belong to the large Disney and Universal groups and also does not have the size and amount of toys of the most traditional parks in the city, but it has already shown that it is no joke.

The park has invested heavily in recent years and has been positioning itself in Florida as an extreme ride attraction. The three newest rides in the park draw attention for their size (they are the largest in the world in their category) and for the “adrenaline” they promise. They are: 1 – SlingShot (Human Slingshot), 2 – Gyro Drop and 3 – Starflyer.

Check out this article for other Icon Park news for 2022.

Icon Park: New roller coaster and a Gordon Ramsay gastronomic option

New gastronomic options

Icon Park also offers several options of restaurants and snack bars and has been investing in gastronomic options. New for 2022 is the arrival of Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips, a chain of renowned British chef Chef Gordon Ramsay. As the name suggests, the house specialty is the traditional combination of fish and chips, as well as other dishes inspired by English cuisine.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips now at Icon Park

ICE BREAKER roller coaster at SeaWorld (ICE BREAKER)

Icon Park gets a new roller coaster, which will open on February 18th. The attraction was scheduled to open to the public in 2020, but suffered several delays and postponements.

ICE BREAKER will be the park’s first launch roller coaster (forward and backward), following the line of extreme attractions that Icon Park already offers. The name ICE BREAKER was inspired by the icy environment of the Arctic and will be in front of the Wild Arctic area.

There will be four throws, both forwards and backwards, culminating with a last reverse throw in the vertical but steep drop (almost 30 meters high) with an angle of 100 degrees.

Will you have the courage to participate?! Watch the video first:

Orlando beyond Disney parks and shopping

Although Icon Park is also an amusement park, it brings different rides and projects the city as a tourist destination that goes far beyond parks and shopping. In addition to the radical toys, Icon Park has a branch of the Madame Tussauds wax museum and the Museum of Illusions.

Not long ago, the park also housed the Skeleton Museum, which featured the skeletons of thousands of animals from around the world. Recently the Skeleton museum closed its activities in the park.

Orlando’s own Ferris wheel, the city’s postcard, also shows this trend. Orlando still offers hundreds of tour and entertainment options in the cities and communities around it. Not to mention the beautiful beaches that are very close, such as Daytona and Clearwater.

With the arrival of the long-awaited Miami-Orlando bullet train, Florida’s two main hubs will be connected, projecting Orlando as something much bigger in terms of tourism.

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