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A new trend is emerging in Orlando: The immersive experience to win the customer. With creativity and technology, brands are using this new strategy to get closer to the public. Interactive displays, physical activities, holograms, projections and augmented reality are just some of the technologies used to maximize the brand / customer interaction. And there is no better place in the world to invite the public to participate in immersive experiences than the city of Orlando.

“You have to be creative. People travel to Orlando to have fun in the parks and attractions with family or friends. The stores also need to bring this concept of fun into their spaces.”, explains Heloisa Arazi, broker and owner of AMG International Realty. “In addition to making shopping more fun, there is experience and learning. A connection with the brand is created”, he adds.

The immersive experience is also a way to increase revenue. People are willing to pay more to participate in an experiment.

In Orlando, at least three brands deserve to be highlighted in the immersive initiative. Read on to find out what they are and how they managed to create a different relationship with the public, interacting creatively:

1 – Crayola Experience

Do you remember the crayon boxes that marked our childhood, wrapped in a little paper cover? The century-old brand Crayola, which today sells several products other than the traditional crayons, decided to create a space in Orlando (and elsewhere in the USA too) of more than 70 thousand square feet (6,500 m2) with several interactive attractions for children (and adults) let their imagination run wild. The games are not limited to coloring drawings on paper! You can even bring your favorite character, just colored, to life on a computer screen that will transform you into an animated three-dimensional figure. Have you ever imagined your son’s joy at being able to endlessly scribble the streets and walls of a mini-city? There are more than 20 interactive attractions to stimulate children’s creativity. It is a great tour tip to rest in the parks.

Crayola Experience is at The Florida Mall. You will need at least 3 hours to get the most out of Crayola Experience. Then, if you want, take the opportunity to take a stroll through the Mall. Find out more about Crayola Experience

3 Immersive Experiences in Orlando you must participate

2 – NBA Experience

At the NBA store in Disney Springs, in addition to being able to play basketball, “dunk” and test your jump. The immersive experience allows you to have the feeling of entering the court, passing through the exit hall of the locker room to the sound of the “crowd”. In the store you will find team uniforms and accessories and you can also customize some items sold, such as cell phone cases, for example.

Find out more about NBA Experience in Disney Springs by clicking here

NBA Experience Orlando

3 – L’occitane en Provence immersive experience

L’ociitane you should already know! The French brand of cosmetics and essences innovated by bringing to its space elements that refer to the distilleries of essential oils of factories in the region of Provence, South of France. The store is also located in Disney Springs.

In the store you will find a variety of natural products for bathing, body and skin care made from ingredients and essences of high quality, organic and of sustainable origin. Products include body and facial oils, cleaning products, eye care, fragrance, hair care, hand creams, lip balms, makeup, masks, moisturizers, scrubs, soaps, toners and other deliciously beneficial essentials.

The store also has essential items for men, as well as baby care, gift sets, home fragrance and travel items for your favorite items. You can even relax with a complimentary mini facial or manual.

Find out more by clicking here

L'occitane en Provence
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