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Now that the coronavirus is booming worldwide, it is wise to come into contact with others as little as possible. It is also better to avoid sources of infection such as common front door handles, full lifts or smoky intercoms. However, for those living in an apartment, there is no escaping this kind of mysophobic doomsday scenarios. However, in Miami they had foresight.

The luxury condo Porsche Design Tower, a 195-meter high skyscraper in Sunny Isles Beach Florida, features a parking garage with 284 parking spaces for 132 apartments. At first sight not very interesting, were it not that the best parking places are not placed in a desolate garage under the tower, but in the apartments themselves, which allows owners to accommodate two or even four cars under their own roof. The precious cars are delivered to the 56th floor via three car lifts, without having to get out of your car. So there is no risk of any contact with your grubby neighbors.

Well-known neighbors at Porsche Tower Miami

Speaking of those neighbors; the happy owner of the penthouse – which was offered for $ 32.5 million in 2017 – is Terry Taylor. The car dealer eventually tapped “only” $ 25 million for his accommodation. In addition to 4 floors, he also received two double garages and seven parking spaces as standard.

In this skyscraper, residents take the lift in their Porsche
The Dezervator

Lionel Messi

Argentine feed ball celebrity Lionel Messi is also said to be a resident of the tower. Messi’s cottage would have cost $ 4 million and have 1,084 square feet of living space. Next to Taylor and Messi, Mexican billionaire Carlos Peralta Quintero and rapper Birdman park their cars under their own roof in the Porsche Design Tower.

You can also use this skyscraper with a car other than a Porsche.

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