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Do you know the island of Indian Creek in Miami? This luxurious and exclusive community made headlines after two famous couples recently acquired mansions on the island. The first of them was Ivanka Trump, daughter of former President Donald Trump, and her husband Jared Kushner, Trump’s adviser. Soon after, the couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen also announced that they are moving to the island.

The news gained even more repercussion in the media due to the irony of fate. It is rumored that Tom Brady would have dated Trump’s daughter Ivanka. In an interview with controversial broadcaster Howard Stern, Donald Trump arrived at comment that the two would make a beautiful couple .

Now Ivanka and Tom will be neighbors, on an exclusive island, but both are married to different partners.

Tom and Gisele just bought a mansion on the island for $ 17 million, but do not intend to move now. The couple lives in a rented mansion in Tampa, belonging to former baseball player Derek Jeter. The idea is to first demolish everything and build a new “zero” mansion, totally Eco-Friendly. Gisele, at this point, seems to be very demanding and detailed.

Jared and Ivanka bought a large plot at Indian Creek, valued at approximately $ 30 million. They will probably build a beautiful mansion facing the sea. The couple, it seems, intends to move to the “Sunshine Estate” as soon as Donald Trump’s term ends on January 20th.

Other celebrities who live or have had homes in Indian Creek are: Adriana Lima and billionaire Jeff Soffer, Julio Iglesias and billionaire Carl Icahn.

Indian Creek Island and its celebrities

New Yorkers are fleeing to Florida

Daughter Trump follows in the footsteps of her father, who is trying to change his legal address to Mar-a-Lago, a luxury resort in Palm Beach, Florida. In addition to pleasant weather all year round, Trump also seeks to pay less taxes. New York is one of the states with the highest tax burden in the USA, while Florida offers several incentives, including exemption from State Income Tax. Trump, however, is having serious difficulties with New York officials, who do not accept the change of address.

The Trump family is not alone! New York and other states with high tax burdens are losing hundreds of residents daily. Florida has benefited from this migration. Several millionaires and companies from different sectors are changing their addresses and migrating their operations to Florida. The most recent decision in this regard was with Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs, which announced last week its intentions to open an arm of its operations in Miami.

With the pandemic, several companies based in New York were forced to implement remote work. Most of them were successful with the new dynamics of distance work. The new reality ended up precipitating the decision of these companies, which were already considering the change.

With that, Florida began to be invaded by North Americans. Not only the city of Miami, but the central Florida region also started to receive new residents. Cities around Orlando are experiencing strong demand for single-family houses ( single-family residential houses), which are missing from the market (low inventory). The idea is to exchange the cramped apartments in metropolitan cities for spacious houses in suburban areas with low population density.

About Indian Creek

Indian Creek is one of the most exclusive islands in Florida, located in Biscayne Bay. and offers what celebrities and millionaires want most: privacy and security. The center of the island is filled with an 18-hole golf course. In all, the community has only 34 residences with just over 40 residents. The community has its own police and is accessible only by a bridge, with a gate.

In addition to Indian Creek, other exclusive islands that also attract millionaires and celebrities in Miami are Fisher Island and Key Biscayne.

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