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International Drive in Orlando, also known as i-Drive, is the city’s main avenue. It is the link between the main attractions of the city. On International Drive you will find malls, outlets, parks, a variety of hotels, restaurants, shops, cafes and much more.

International Drive also offers the advantage of being close to some of Orlando’s top parks such as Disney, Sea World and Universal.

The privileged location of the avenue, in the heart of the city of Orlando, has always been coveted by developers for the development of projects aimed at Vacation Homes. The region, however, imposes strict rules on the practice of short-term rental. Lennar Homes recently won permission to develop Orlando’s newest Vacation Homes community on International Drive: The Storey Drive Lennar Launch.

Storey Drive will mirror the well-known Storey Lake condominium in Kissimmee.

The project promises to be the launch of the decade since, as mentioned, it will be the only one in the region to allow the practice of short term rental. At this stage Lennar is only accepting names on the waiting list.

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Attractions on International Drive

The avenue has gained prominence in the city of Orlando for offering several attractions and tours besides the traditional Orlando parks. Here you’ll find the I-Drive NASCAR indoor Kart Racing, Orlando’s famous Kart. It’s also home to the Icon Park entertainment complex, home to Orlando’s famous Wheel.

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