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What is staging?

In real estate, staging refers to a set-up of interior design that transforms a show house from an empty house to something that potential clients would want to buy. 

Is Your Realtor Staging Your Property?

While it was not a very common thing some years back, it has slowly developed into a trend where everyone in real estate is staging the house. 

The most significant benefit of why staging is so necessary is that potential clients get the visual appeal that pushes them the extra mile to consider buying the house, which an empty house would be unable to provide. 

It is also essential because the set-up is cheaper to achieve than buying every set and furniture to cover the entire house.

However, not all homes for sale are staged. Some realtors do not pop in things for the show, but they furnish the entire house. If you are not a fan of the allure and you want the real something, here is how to tell your property of choice is staged. 

Is that a fake apple?

There are usually some very yummy and ever-fresh apples or a bowl. The fruits are not real, but it is effortless to confuse both. The fruits are generally gleaming and usually have a few drops of water to enhance the look. Don’t bite into it for a taste that would be downright embarrassing. This is one of the first tells all for a staging.

It’s in the Barcelona chairs

Nothing against Barcelona chairs, but this is one of the other tell-all secrets that will tell you your realtor is staging the house. Usually in the corner with a Pinterest kind of beautiful throw rug, that Barcelona chair will alert you that your showcase is staged.

That rug on the floor

If you walk into a living room and just beneath the table, you see that cowhide rug; the house is staged. Most people use cowhide since using wild animals can be considered cruel and may cost them some buyers. 

The table is always set up

It does not matter the time of the day the showcase is; the table is usually set. With the table set to dine, you will note that there will be no food in sight, not in the pans or pots, and not in the refrigerator. The china and silverware are also always clean and sparkling.

A perfect workstation

While the workstation is essential to any house, stagers do their best work to ensure that it looks presentable. You will notice that while computers or laptops placed on desks look ready to work, there is no power source to continue the work. In an actual home, you will notice more signs of life around the work station.

Fake flowers 

It can be quite tasking to change flowers every time there is a showcase. In other areas, they might use plastic roses, which you can tell from three miles away. In luxury homes, stagers look for custom made flowers that are made of silk. They look very lifelike and alluring. 

However, if the vases are clear, you will notice no water to keep the flowers alive, and touch by the hand will reveal that it feels more like nightwear than plants. The same happens for many potted plants. They always look alive, and the soil is usually covered by beautiful pebbles that typically give a very alluring look of life for the viewers.

What’s with the background music?

Many luxury houses usually have a very airy and sophisticated symphony playing in the background. It is never loud enough to drown the realtor as they take you through the home. It is usually a selected number from classical pieces that create an ambiance of elegance. 

Staging a house is not all bad. However, it has given life to more than one industry in real estate. The simulation helps people have an idea of what to expect when they buy a house. 

Remember that you can always administer a different aesthetic when you buy the house. Staging is just a marketing tool.

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