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Jungle Island is another great attraction in Miami that involves animals. It is more than a zoo. Actually it is a mix of a theme park and zoo where visitors can have an interesting “jungle” experience and interaction with animals. The place, located in Key Biscayne Island,  offers water playgrounds, many shows and exhibits and also provide several educational programs. After a great day with the animals relax and enjoy Jungle Island’s private beach: Parrot Cove Beach.

The park is not so big, specially compared to the Miami Zoo, what is good! …you get to know everything without getting too tired. The great thing about this place is really the experience of interacting with the animals.

Miami’s tropical landscape with plenty of exotic animals from around the world is a really unique experience.

Field Trips Jungle Island

As soon as you enter the park you are presented with beautiful macaws that you can interact, feed and take pictures. Put them on your arms, shoulder or lap.

Além de tirar fotos, as crianças também podem “brincar” com cangurus, entrar em seu ambiente, tocar neles e alimentar os bebês cangurus. Novamente, aqui custa $5/pessoa para entrar no espaço.

Another great animal encounter is the Kangaroo Feeding (kids love it!). Visitors are able to walk  into their habitat and bottle feed them.

Kangaroo Feeding

Photo Source: youtuber @rlhplus2 – watch the video

Exhibts & Shows

There are three major entertaining shows in at the park. As soon as you arrive on the park, ask for anny special event our show at the Guest Relations.

1 – Winged Wonders

This great show brings to the public some of the most beautiful and dangerous birds in the planet, including the Andean condor.

2 – Wild Encounter

Produced by T.I.G.E.R.S. (The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species), Wild Encounter Show at Jungle Islands offers performances with some impressive felines. At the end visitors can take photographs with tiger cubs and primates.

3 – Wild Adventures

While Doctor Wasabi is out on safari, come visit with our animal care staff as we unlock the secrets behind some of the jungle’s most rare and unusual residents.

Besides the major three shows above, Jungle Island also offers many other exhibitions and attractions, including the Kangaroo Konnnection (interact with Kangaroos), Petting Barn (pet and feed petting barn animals), Everglades Habitat & Walk (an amazing replica of the Florida Everglades), South African Penguin Exhibit (Watch the cute penguins swim and waddle around the pool), Tortoise Exhibit (Giant tortoises with up to 500 pounds and 150 years old) and many others.

Walking around the park visitors are able to interact with trainers and animals, feed the birds, take pictures with colorful parrots, etc.

The Parrot Cove Beach

Jungle Island has a private beach inside the park that provides amazing views of Biscayne Bay and  Dowtown Miami. It is a great place to relax and cool of after an exciting day with the animals. The Parrot Cove Beach is a truly oasis with an amazing water playground called Rainforest Riptide. Kids can have fun in the balance beams, action towers, trampolines, cliff, slide and swing. to participate on the Rainforest Riptide activities kids must be at liest 3 years old. All kids under 8 must be accompanied by an adult.

The Parrot Cove Beach


Jungle Island is not just a theme park or an exciting zoo. It is also an education center where you an learn while having fun. Check out below some of the educational programs:

Ed-venture Camp

In this Summer Camp at the Jungle Island your kids will learn some animal habitats, interesting things about the wildlife, conservation efforts and many other educational activities. Learn more about Ed-venture Camp.

Jungle Island Summer Camp

Summer Camps in the Jungle at Jungle Island in Miami. As an adventure camper, the children have hands-on animal encounters. Photo Source: Miami Herald

Field Trips

Imagine going to the wild side of Australia and see the Red Kangaroo! In the same day go to South Africa for lovely Penguins experience. Don’t forget the Lermurs in Madagascar. You and your kids must come to these Field Trips at Jungle Island. Learn more about Field Trips Eductional Program.

Jungle Outreach

Get closer to some exotic animals and have a great memories. More about Jungle Outreach

Jungle Slumber

Do you have a bunch of friends who want a new and adventurous kind of sleep over? Are you a teacher looking for a one of a kind class trip? Are you having a birthday? As the sun goes down, your group will embark on a new journey at Jungle Slumber.

Scout Programs

Interested in a field trip during the day or an amazing overnight adventure? Bring your kids to the Scout Programs.

Park Map

Click on the map below for a larger image:

Jungle Island Park Map

Jungle Island- Hours

Jungle Island is open daily, 365 days a year, from 10 am to 5 pm (hours subject to change – please visit the official website here:

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