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The Kennedy Space Center (KSC) or John F. Kennedy Space Center is located on Cape Canaveral, just 75km from Orlando (about 1 hour away). The site belongs to Brevard County, east coast of Florida, between the cities of Miami and Jacksonville. Have you ever asked what to do in Orlando besides parks and shopping? Visiting KSC is a great suggestion.

Kennedy Space Center - Cape Canaveral - Orlando Florida

This Space Center has been operating for 70 years testing missiles as an integral part of the American Space Agency’s rocket launch complex. The KSC is located in favorable conditions for space testing – facing the ocean, close to the Equator (following the Earth’s rotation). Learn about the history of Cape Canaveral.

A visit to Cape Canaveral is an option for a cultural tour for those looking to learn more about NASA Park, as well as learn a little about the history of North American space activities.

For tourists staying in Orlando, the Kennedy Space Center tour is an interesting and affordable option in addition to Disney parks, which can be done in one day. It is recommended to rent a car to make the trip or hire excursions at receptive agencies, leaving Orlando early to enjoy the day at Cape Canaveral

Learn more about the John F. Kennedy Space Center on the official website.
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