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Living or having a second home on an island in Miami, enjoying all the lifestyle by the sea, is the desire of many. Miami offers great island communities, but each has its own uniqueness and differences. There are islands that are just luxurious enclaves with luxury properties, but they do not have all the infrastructure to be self-sufficient (supermarkets, schools, hospitals, etc.), like the Venetian Islands, for example. Today we’ll talk about two self-sufficient islands that offer full infrastructure near Miami Beach: Fisher Island and Key Biscayne.

Key Biscayne Vs Fisher Island: What is the best island to live in Miami

Key Biscayne and Fisher Island are basically the two islands near downtown Miami that are self-sufficient and protected from the hustle and bustle of Downtown. While you’re living on an exclusive, tranquil island, you can access downtown Miami and the city’s urban vibe in minutes. This is the big difference in having a luxury property on one of these two islands.

Miami has other self-sufficient and exclusive islands, such as Sunny Isles Beach, for example. However, Sunny Isles is further away from downtown Miami and is more popular with a public that enjoys the northern part of the city and the proximity to the Aventura Mall and Bal Harbor Shops. They are different audiences and lifestyles compared to islands near Downtown.

Another great difference of Fisher Island and Key Biscayne, is that both offer full support for boats, with marinas and services aimed at those who own boats or yachts.

In this article we will make a comparison between Key Biscayne and Fisher Island. Read on to learn more about these two luxury communities in Miami.

Map Key Biscayne and Fisher Island

Access, security and privacy

The two islands are known to be noble communities and offer a luxurious and secluded lifestyle. One is right next to the other on the map. However, Fisher Island is more exclusive. It is famous for having one of the most expensive zip codes in the US. The island is less than 1 km 2 in area and is home to around 800 to 900 families.

Access to the island is only possible by boat/yacht, ferry (ferry) from the island or helicopter. There is no access by car as there are no bridges connecting the island to mainland Miami. Security controls on the ferry are tight and allow access only for Fisher Island hotel residents, guests and guests. Access to the island is therefore not open to the public.

Key Biscayne, by contrast, is like an upscale Miami neighborhood, open to the public and accessible by car via the Rickenbacker Causeway Bridge, which connects the island to the mainland between the Brickell and Coconut Grove neighborhoods (10 – 15 min by car). It can also be accessed by boat or yacht. Key Biscayne has approximately 4,500 km2 and 15,000 residents.

See the location of the two islands on the map below:

Although Fisher Island is considerably more exclusive than Key Biscayne, many shoppers have chosen to shop in Key Biscayne because of the ease of access. Not everyone is comfortable having to take a ferry every time they need to go to the mainland. At this point, Key Biscayne is more practical, especially for those who like to enjoy the trendy downtown Miami life.

Infrastructure on the islands

If you’re on Key Biscayne there’s virtually no need to leave the island. Key Biscayne is a self-sufficient community with complete infrastructure, practically a mini city. There you will find a CVS pharmacy and a Winn-Dixie supermarket unit, among other establishments and conveniences. You will also find banks, a post office, marinas, restaurants, parks, beautiful beaches, a firefighter and an emergency health clinic. Key Biscayne also offers some of Florida’s best public schools.

Fisher Island is also self-sufficient, but as a smaller and more exclusive island, it doesn’t offer as much variety as Key Biscayne. On Fisher Island there is a single small bank, a post office, supermarket, several dining options, a fire station, emergency health clinic and marina. For children there is an “A” school, the Fisher Island Day School.

As you can see, the two islands are complete, like mini cities. There is no need to leave the islands for everyday activities. However, if you need to get out, the two islands are located in a central area of ​​Miami and offer quick and easy access to everything Miami has to offer.

Both islands offer marinas

Real Estate Options: Key Biscayne Vs Fisher Island

Key Biscayne Island offers a greater variety of real estate than Fisher Island. There you can buy houses, such as single-family homes (single-family homes not detached) and apartments in luxury condominiums. Key Biscayne property prices start at $1.5 million for waterfront properties and start at $5 million for oceanfront properties. It is worth noting that the apartment complexes in Key Biscayne are buildings with a certain age. The only new construction on the island is the Oceana Key Biscayne condo. Even with older condominiums, the island remains highly sought after by international buyers and investors for its location and unique lifestyle. Key Biscayne is also considered one of the best places to live in Florida.

On Fisher Island the real estate options, like everything else on the island, are more exclusive and scarce. The island only offers 8 houses, which do not face the water. The rest of the island is dominated by apartment buildings, all with standardized architecture, in a classic-Mediterranean style. The island offers some new building options, such as Palazzo del Sol and Palazzo della Luna. Prices for apartments in Fisher Islands are also exclusive, typically trading above $5 million.

According to, by way of comparison, the average property price in Key Biscayne is $1.7 million, while in Fisher Island it is $8.5 million.

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