Buying a Penthouse in Florida is a dream for many and a symbol of status. A penthouse in Miami brings the exclusivity of a lifestyle with glamor and luxury, in addition to all the comfort and privacy that a “house in the sky” provides. However, a penthouse also have some specific characteristics that deserve attention. It is essential to know these characteristics before buying, so that the investment does not become a major inconvenience.

In this article we’ve listed 7 key things you should know before buying a Penthouse.

7 key things to know before buying a penthouse in Florida
Rendering of a Penthouse at Estates at Acqualina in Sunny Isles Beach

1 – Penthouses are always on the top floor?

Are penthouses always on the top floor of a building? Usually yes, but this is not always the rule, especially in Florida. In recent years, developers have used the term “penthouse” more generically, using it for any unit on the top floors of a building, as long as they have unique and luxurious characteristics.

Within the new concept, the term “Penthouse” can be used whenever an apartment is on the upper floor and offers exclusive features, which the differentiate from other units in the same condo. The idea is that a penthouse is always a premium unit, bringing status and differentiation to those who purchased it.

One example is the Sky Collection at Waldorf Astoria in Miami. As the name of the collection suggests, they are “Houses in the Sky“. The Waldorf Astoria brings an innovative and daring architecture, where its facade resembles eight giant cubes stacked in a disorderly way on top of each other. There are 9 cubes in total and the Sky Collections are on the eighth, that is, they are not on the top floors of the building.

Waldorf Astoria luxury condo Miami
Waldorf Astoria Sky Collection residences in Downtown Miami

2 – Spectacular views

One of the main features of a Florida penthouse is the view it provides. It is important that it offers a spectacular view of all (or most) of the environments. After all, why buy a unit in a high floor that doesn’t offer unique and beautiful views?

If having a beautiful view isn’t an important factor for you, then maybe you don’t need to buy a Penthouse. There are other options, on lower floors, at more affordable prices and with similar floor plans.

The “view” factor is also critical when selling a Penthouse, especially if your goal is to make a solid Florida real estate investment. In the event of a sale, customers interested in a Penthouse in Florida will be especially attentive to the view that the unit provides.

Spetacular Views
Penthouses for sale at Eight Seven Park Miami

3 – Penthouse must be spacious and have open plants

In addition to view, penthouse footage must be wide both indoors and outdoors. Pay attention to the outdoor area, as a roof should feel like a “home in heaven”. Location the outdoor area of ​​a penthouse imitates a large backyard with a swimming pool, barbecue area, landscaping, etc.

The interior space is also important and it is recommended that you have an open plan, with divisions or that allow smart divisions that maximize the view. People assigned to penthouses prioritize space and view, that is, they want to be able to look at the scenery as far away as possible. Open plans, with billions, also maximize the distribution of natural light throughout the home. The more the residence can bring/integrate the exterior into the unit, the better.

Partitions, columns and walls are important to maintain the physical and structural integrity of the construction, however, when they are not done, residents of a penthouse feel trapped. It is important in a penthouse to value the feeling of “wideness”.

4 – Do you enjoy the wind?

Miami is a very windy city! And the wind is more intense on high floors. So, if you are thinking about enjoying the outdoor area of ​​your penthouse in Miami, be aware of this factor. There are very efficient decorative solutions to stop the wind. They can be foreseen in the plan design of the outdoor area or in an accessory way, such as partitions, panels and even through living barriers (plants).

Before buying your penthouse in Miami, see if the outdoor space already includes solutions that stop the wind or if it allows the adoption of decorative accessories for this purpose.

Porsche Design Tower Penthouse in Sunny Isles Beach: The building allow owners to park their fancy cars inside the unit, thanks to a car elevator.

5 – Are you prepared for some inconveniences?

For repairs to the building’s facade, such as painting and cleaning windows, access is usually made through the rooftop or the roof. This means that it is likely that the company that will perform the service will have to access the penthouse unit (your residence) for the execution.

In new buildings in Miami, especially the high-end ones (super luxury) this is usually provided by the construction company, which makes a reserved area above or adjacent to the executioners, without having to disturb the owner.

Before purchasing your Miami penthouse, please ensure that these maintenance and repair services are performed in the building.

Paramount Miami WorldCenter Duplex Penthouse Collection

6 – Are there common areas adjacent or above?

Although the name “penthouse” suggests that the unit is on the top floor of a building, the term is not always used in this way. In Miami, for example, there are several luxury condominiums being launched with penthouses that are not on the top floor, but on high floors. This means that there will be other floors above which can be occupied by other residential units or common areas. It is very common in Miami for new condominiums to offer a leisure area and amenities in the rooftop, that is, on the top floor, in the open air. Swimming pools and rooftop barbecue areas are trending in Miami, especially in luxury condominiums.

So, before purchasing a cover, confirm with your broker what is in the adjacent areas. One of the main reasons to buy a penthouse is the privacy and comfort of not having noise around or upstairs. If there are other floors above and/or common areas in the vicinity, check with the construction company, with the guidance of your broker, what is the quality of the acoustic work carried out. You don’t want to invest a fortune in Florida luxury penthouse and, after purchase, have the unpleasant surprise of being disturbed by noise from parties or neighbors.

7 – Increased exposure to infiltration

The roofs are generally more exposed to weather actions, such as rain, for example. Because of this, the chances of infiltration are greater. It is important to pay attention to the method used to protect against rain infiltration, otherwise leaks and related problems can be chronic. Generally, the procedures and construction quality of Penthouses in Miami, especially in new condominiums, already contemplate the best practices against infiltration. Florida generally has strict construction requirements and protocols that developers must follow.

It is also important, during the purchasing process, to hire a private inspection. It is the right of every Florida property buyer to request an inspection of the property before purchasing. The inspection must be carried out by a licensed company, which will investigate several aspects of the property such as: roof, infiltration, electrical part, plumbing, pests, central air conditioning, heating, interiors, among other items. Inspection is thorough work and can take days. At the end, a detailed report is presented to the buyer who, in possession of the information, can decide or not to proceed with the purchase of the property.

After inspection and during the purchase process, if the buyer understands that the problems raised are significant, he can cancel the purchase contract.

In this context, it is also essential to know the history of the construction company in Florida and what other buildings it has already built. That’s why it’s essential to have the guidance of a good Florida broker, who knows the main developers and the history of each one of them, as well as the best inspection companies to recommend.

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