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Children and teenagers are at the center of discussions on new Miami Luxury Real Estate projects in Miami. The new luxury condos developers started to listen to the little ones, who are increasingly positioning themselves as key players in the decision of their families. A true conceptual revolution brought the old Kids Space to a considerably broader concept, where toys and activities now play a fundamental role in the evolution of children.

With more and more people choosing to raise children in urban condominiums, the infrastructure in the common areas of the buildings started to value and consider the growth phases of young people. Children need to move, burn energy, make friends, interact with the environment in order to evolve and learn.

From Kids Concierge to real water parks. Discover the revolutionary new “Kids & Teen Spaces” in Miami's condominiums

The new generation of Millennials consolidates this trend. Studies show that more than one million women millennials become mothers each year in the USA. They prefer to raise their children in new urban centers rather than traditional suburban regions. As a result, the common areas of the new condominiums started to play the role of extending homes and the spaces and activities aimed at children and adolescents gain proportional importance.

It is not enough just a playground in a reserved space on the ground floor or a TV room. The new amenities range from “children’s concierge” to mini soccer fields and 3D simulators.

The luxurious condominium Turnberry Ocean Club, in Sunny Isles Beach, features the Tidal Cove water park, with 7 slides up to 18 meters high, a children’s pool of almost 400 m2 and the country’s first triple Flow Rider (surf simulation pool).

Sunny Isles Beach is considered one of the noblest regions in Miami. An island stands out in Florida for offering beautiful beaches, calm waters and a residential environment more geared towards families. One region fell in love with world-class brands such as Porsche and Armani, which have partnered with local incorporation companies to launch very high-quality condoms. The Porsche Design Tower luxury condominium, a 51-story tower, facing the sea, offered a novelty to its customers, with the convenience of parking or a car inside the apartment. Thanks to an unusual and high-tech car lift, the values ​​are taken to a residence in the “sky” and you can park your car in the living room if you wish. For teenagers, the condo brings incredible amenities, one more comment on the professional Formula 1 simulator.

Ice Skating at the Estates at Acqualina

Still in Sunny Isles, The Estates at Acqualina and Mansions at Acqualina, with residences between US $ 3 and US $ 5 million for private cinema users (popcorn service), a golf simulator, bowling alley and ice skating.

In the new 1010 Brickell condominium, the Clubhouse offers a variety of activities, toys and attractions. Among the club’s facilities, there is a games room that includes climbing, bowling, indoor basketball, an unusual network of woven mesh, virtual golf and air hockey.

Understanding the new concept and the influence that children and adolescents have today in the real estate market is fundamental to the process of buying a property in Miami. Not only will you be bringing quality of life to family life, but it will also add value to the investment. In this article, we bring you just a few examples of this transformation that the Florida real estate market is undergoing. With each new release we will be attentive to the news and bringing it here to the blog.

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