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Kissimmee is one of the best areas in Orlando to invest in Real Estate. The city, neighboring Orlando, gained prominence for two main reasons: 1 – It is close to the main theme parks and 2 – It offers a wide variety of houses that allow short-term rentals. It didn’t take long for families and investors to adopt Kissimmee as one of the preferred regions for investing in vacation homes.

Before the arrival of Disney parks in the 1970s, Orlando and the surrounding areas were covered by huge orange and cattle plantations. After the arrival of the theme parks, the city became one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. Nowadays, Orlando receives more than 75 million tourists every year. All these public is looking for a place to stay during their vacation in town. And many tourists are beginning to switch hotels for houses.

Vacation Homes offer numerous advantages compared to hotels. The biggest advantage is the economy. The daily rate of a house can be prorated by several guests. Other expenses, such as a groceries, can be prorated as well. In addition, the house offers more freedom and brings family and friends closer together.

Buying homes for rent in Orlando has become one of the best real estate investments in the world. Orlando was already considered by Forbes to be the best city to buy a house in 2018. In 2019, it was considered the best city to buy a second home. With the short-term rental market growing more and more, especially after the arrival of online platforms like AirBnB, Orlando has been attracting more and more attention from global investors.

In fact, the investment is promising. The expected return on home short-term rentals in Orlando is at least 6 to 8% a year, with real chances of exceeding 10% per year depending on the characteristics of the property.

Kissimmee even offers a number of attractions and tours for the whole family. Here are some tips on what to do in Kissimmee Orlando:

Old Town kissimmee

Old Town Kissimmee

Old Town Kissimee is a very charming village, very pleasant to stroll around and enjoy the many shops and restaurants. The place also has a very interesting amusement park called Fun Spot America (see next topic). On weekends the center shows a vintage car festival. It is in the Old Town Kissimmee that the Hotel Celebration Suites is located, which has gained fame among Latin Americans for being a simple apart hotel with cheap prices, as well as being very well located.

Fun Spot America

Little known to tourists, Fun Spot America is a park located in Old Town Kissimmee. The great advantage of visiting this park is that admission is free and there are almost no queues. Although there is no need to pay for tickets, toys are charged. However, they are pretty cheap. Fun Spot America offers roller coasters, a go-kart track, a human slingshot and other assorted toys. Worth knowing!

Celebration Community

Celebration Kissimmee

Celebration is a community planned by Disney in Orlando where everything looks perfect, like in a movie scene. The place is extremely organized and its residents must obey strict rules. Several celebrities have houses in the community The Celebration center is very charming and ideal for those who want to stroll and enjoy their shops, pastry shops, cafes and restaurants. It is a tour to relax and enjoy a little of what Orlando has to offer besides the parks.

Outdoor activities in Kissimmee

For that you don’t know, Kissimmee offers an exuberant nature, right next to the main parks. There are several forests, trails, rivers, lakes and wildlife. Several companies offer Kayaking services, Stand Up Paddles, guided hiking trails and several other outdoor activities. Prepare yourself as you may come across alligators, eagles and other wild animals.

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