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Whether you are on Miami Beach for leisure or business, good food is definitely something that you deserve. Luckily the area has plenty of good restaurants that will please your taste buds. La Sandwicherie is one of the best you can choose for your stay in Miami Beach. This restaurant is the perfect spot for those who love sandwiches.

La Sandwicherie is a French-owned eatery that serves traditional sandwiches and has been doing so since 1988. It might be more of a snack bar than a real restaurant, but it captures best of French savoir faire you cannot experience elsewhere. The best part is that everything on the menu is made daily with fresh ingredients. You will just love the crisp croissants and baguettes and of course the infamous vinaigrette that offer an amazing taste sensation.

Special croissant sandwich and the famous french vinaigrette

Special croissant sandwich and the famous french vinaigrette

The menu at La Sandwicherie

The most famous items on the menu include sandwiches on French bread and croissant filled with sauciccon sec which is French sausage with garlic and pepper, camembert cheese and pate. Salads also make part of the menu with mustard champagne vinaigrette being the restaurant’s signature item on the menu. This restaurant also has juice bar that serves tantalizing fruit smoothies that are nothing short of refreshing. The creamy rich espresso based cafa shake is a must try here; it thrills and chills you are the same time. You will get your sandwich how you like it, whether with turkey, roast beef, Swiss cheese, salami or ham. The toppings are in a wide variety too with tomatoes, hot pickled red peppers, lettuce, red onion, black olives and cucumber being some of the most cherished here.

Menu at La Sandwicherie Miami Beach

Delicious french sandwich Miami Beach

The ambiance

This small restaurant is a favorite for local hipsters who come here to the exceptionally good fresh smoothies, perfect espressos and pate-filled baguettes. The setting is relaxing and warm even though it is a counter service outlet that has a handful of stools and the bar. It has funky alfresco charm to it and it actually accounts for the larger appeal part of the restaurant. The counter extends up the alley off 14th Street between Collin and Washington avenues and getting here is super easy.

La Sandwicherie Miami Beach

Other notable details of this amazing sandwich restaurant in Miami Beach include the fact that is suitable for smokers but there is no alcohol served. The parking here is metered and reservations are not accepted. You can enjoy a light lunch, dinner or breakfast in the beautiful sidewalk or patio type of dining. It is a restaurant that is wheelchair accessible and offers delivery and catering services. The La Sandwicherie restaurant is kid friendly and vegetarian friendly so do not be afraid to pop in with your kids or if you are a vegetarian.


If you are looking for a French themed sandwich restaurant in Miami Beach, then the La Sandwicherie makes the perfect spot for you. You will love everything from the ambience to the exceptional service delivery and delicious items on the menu. It is a great place to stop by when you are on the go and need a bite.


229 14th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Situated in the heart of South Beach, right on 14th Street
between Collins and Washington Avenue, La Sandwicherie is
open around the clock to serve your needs!
Phone: 305-532-8934

Open daily 8am to 5am.
Friday and Saturday 8am to 6am.
Home and Office Delivery daily 11am to 10pm.

Official website:


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