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Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando is a large park, open to the public, with great nature and lots of things to do for the entire family. It is a great suggestion for a walk in Orlando and enjoy some of the things Orlando has to offer besides the parks and outlets. Best of all, you pay nothing! The park is among the suggestions for free tours in Orlando. Just relax and enjoy the nature of Lake Eola Park or enjoy a workout or paddle on the lake. Enjoy being in downtown Orlando and discover other attractions there.

Lake Eola Park Orlando

About the park

Here in the park you will find a vast field for the practice of activities such as Yoga (free classes or isolated practices are quite common here), races, walks, football, volleyball, and several other sports.

It is also very good for you who like to see ducks, geese and fish, as the lake also promotes this “animal” encounter between your family and the animals that inhabit the lake.

The lake has a vast green area, as we have already said, with several types of trees and lots of shade in the summer for those who want to have a picnic with family or friends. Just arrive early and choose a good place to settle.

There is also a playground for younger children, aged 4 to 12, where there are several different toys. Another positive factor is the Walt Disney amphitheater that is in the vicinity, with beautiful and well-worked acoustic shows, which will surely satisfy the taste of all members of your family, after all, Disney is Disney.

The sunset at the site is wonderful. It has the reflection of the sun’s rays in the water of the lake, which contrasts with tall buildings that are in the surroundings. the park is very clean and cared for by the community, containing lush flowers and foliage.

We can assure you that this location is one of the most beautiful spots in Orlando, being an ideal and comfortable middle ground between the city of stones and nature.

To end this topic of ours, we need to comment on the beautiful show of the fountain that is on the lake, which splashes a huge jet of water upwards and contrasts with LED lights carefully attached to the mechanism. It is, for sure, a separate show.

Family retreat

It is common, in this park, to find parents playing with their children, young couples lying on the grass watching the clouds by day, or counting stars at night.

The area is monitored and safe, which can bring good tranquility for couples in love who prefer a romantic evening stroll.

The place has popcorn stalls and hot dogs, which is an attraction in itself, as it quietly satisfies the hunger of visitors, and also offers some drinks.

Another interesting factor for your family is the possibility of taking your pet (s) for a walk. There are plants with little bags for you to collect your pet’s feces and, thus, keep the park clean and pleasant for everyone.

Sunday market

There is a famous craft fair and many other products that take place every Sunday at Lake Eola Park. These are small entrepreneurs who like to sell their items, mostly handmade and of extreme quality.

You can bargain for the value of the products, which are not very expensive, and still find several useful items for your home. There are writers selling books too, which makes the park an ideal place for you to find the gift for a loved one.

There are also the famous pedal boats on Sundays, which is great entertainment for the whole family. The lake is vast and it is very pleasant to enjoy this attraction, especially for couples who like romanticism.

Top Things to Do Near Lake Eola Park

Near the lake we have the famous St James Catholic Cathedral, a beautiful Catholic cathedral known for its beauty and sacred art where thousands of people gather every day, for visits and prayers.

In addition to the glorious Cathedral, we have Howard Middle School, a highly regarded high school that caters to teenagers aged 12 to 17 years. It is a great option for those who live or want to live in the region and have children in this age group.

There is also the spa in Thorton, with relaxing activities for the whole family. It goes from Yoga to invigorating local massages. It is another development that values ​​the region a lot.

To conclude this topic, it is worth mentioning that there is an abundant trade around Lake Eola, such as restaurants, clothing stores and everything you need urgently in everyday life.

Want to live near Lake Eola Park?

Now that you know a little about the park, how about getting to know some projects to invest in? The options around Lake Eola Park range from business to housing, and as it was possible to check in our article, there are so many possibilities close to the lake for you and your family that it is very worth considering buying at least one property in the region.

We can guarantee that you will not find anything like it here in Brazil that equates to the value and what the Lake Eola Park region has to offer, especially in terms of entertainment open to the public.

Here in the park, you don’t have to pay horrors of dollars to have a pleasant day with your family, and that alone is something to be taken into account.

The lake ends up being a great paradise even for you who just want to visit Orlando, being an unmissable point for you to visit, and another factor that makes this promising is that there are several hotels close by.

Then that’s it. We hope you enjoyed our article.

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