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Lake Nona is becoming a very positive force in the Central Florida economy, with names like Inc., KPMG LLP and Verizon already having a large presence in the area – and now also the Disney group.

Lake Nona Orlando keeps growing

Located southeast of Orlando, one of Central Florida’s fastest growing submarkets, Lake Nona is on RCLCO’s list of the most popular planned communities in the United States. The region now has approximately 16,000 residents, more than 12,000 on-site employees, and thousands of students ranging from pre-K to those enrolled at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine.

This is one of the most desirable communities around Orlando take up residence in Florida. In recent years, the central part of the state has been experiencing growing demand for residents from other corners of the country, such as California and New York. Lake Nona is one of the most sought after regions.

The community still has many works in progress and others planned. There are around 800 new homes under development and seven of the largest real estate projects Area commercials add up to more than $1 billion in construction costs, as the Orlando Business Journal previously reported. These are major economic generators, creating new full-time and temporary jobs, as well as new homes for the rapidly growing population, along with offices, stores, restaurants, warehouses and other spaces to generate more commercial activity.

The community’s leading developer, Tavistock Development Co. LLC, held a virtual meeting in November to provide the latest news on current projects and an overview of future plans. To know all the residential and commercial works in progress in the region, visit the article:

Interested in buying homes on Lake Nona?

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