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The planned community of Lake Nona, in the suburban Orlando area, has been vying with Miami for the attention of large corporations that are moving their operations to Florida. New companies seek in the Sunshine State more friendly tax environments and quality of life for their employees and collaborators. In addition, as many executives and qualified professionals are also taking up residence in Florida, especially after the consolidation of remote work, regions like Orlando and Miami have become major centers of talent.

Besides being a community that brings together a number of interesting features for new companies, Lake Nona also has the financial strength to support this corporate growth. While other developers in Florida are struggling to find tenants who sign a pre-lease, a necessary resource to fund the start of construction, Lake Nona has its own capital. Lake Nona developer Tavistock Development Co. funds its own projects, backed by majority shareholder and British tycoon Joe Lewis.

Lake Nona lures HQ relocations
Office building – Photo: Pixabay

“Orlando is on the radar for a lot of corporate relocations, and Lake Nona has the financial strength to put up buildings,” Sweeney told Orlando Business Journal.

Major auditing and consulting companies have already chosen Lake Nona to host part of their operations. This is the case of the audit giant KPMG, which already has a $ 450 million training center in the community. There are rumors that KPMG plans to occupy a new office building in the community, recently built.

The Walt Disney Company is also considering moving part of its divisions to Lake Nona. The decision to move to Florida was already on the radar, since California is considered an expensive state, in terms of taxes, for its entrepreneurs. In addition, there is also great bureaucracy that inhibits the operations of companies and startups. The last straw for the Disney group may have been the recent events of the pandemic. California has adopted strict lockdown measures, not allowing the parks to be opened, even with limited capacity. The decision by the government authorities significantly impacted the group’s finances. At the same time, Florida has been shown to be more business-friendly, allowing the opening of parks, within security protocols of security.

Convenient Location

Lake Nona is only 10 minutes away from Orlando International Airport and, being further away from downtown Orlando towards the east, towards the coast, has the great advantage of being close to the beaches of the Atlantic (only 30 minutes). Still it is not far from the theme parks, just 20 minutes.

Lake Nona is also known as the Medical City

The community is known as the Medical City of Orlando, as it houses the Lake Nona Medical City , a space 650 acres within the community that houses hospitals, universities related to health, research and science institutes and other establishments that make the place a reference in health in Florida. New schools, research institutes and health-related facilities are about to be built in Lake Nona Medical City, projecting the Lake Nona community as a global health reference and a new chapter in Florida’s future. Some institutions that are currently in the area are: University of Central Florida Health Sciences Campus, University of Florida Research and Academic Center, Burnham Medical Research Institute, Nemours Children’s Hospital, VA Medical Center, among others.

Around the site are residential neighborhoods designed as pedestrian-friendly villages, with important shops and facilities within walking distance. Lake Nona offers state-of-the-art technology, elite golf courses and 44 miles of biking and walking trails.

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