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Lake Nona is a planned community in Orlando that has attracted a lot of attention from those looking to buy houses in Florida. Unlike other neighborhoods in Orlando, Lake Nona is a new community in full development, very beautiful and with great potential for appreciation.

Lake Nona is only 10 minutes away from Orlando International Airport and, being further away from downtown Orlando towards the east, towards the coast, has the great advantage of being close to the beaches of the Atlantic (only 30 minutes). Still it is not far from the theme parks, just 20 minutes.

Lake Nona Orlando
Lake Nona Orlando – Image: Google Street

Lake Nona Medical City

The community is known as the Medical City of Orlando, as it houses the Lake Nona Medical City , a space 650 acres within the community that houses hospitals, universities related to health, research and science institutes and other establishments that make the place a reference in health in Florida. New schools, research institutes and health-related facilities are about to be built in Lake Nona Medical City, projecting the Lake Nona community as a global health reference and a new chapter in Florida’s future. Some institutions that are currently in the area are: University of Central Florida Health Sciences Campus, University of Florida Research and Academic Center, Burnham Medical Research Institute, Nemours Children’s Hospital, VA Medical Center, among others.

Around the site are residential neighborhoods designed as pedestrian-friendly villages, with important shops and facilities within walking distance. Lake Nona offers state-of-the-art technology, elite golf courses and 44 miles of biking and walking trails.

Lake Nona recovery potential

The Fortune Magazine, in a 2014 article , describes the Lake Nona project as a venture that could transform the Orlando region in the same way as Disney in 1970.

One can imagine the potential that the region has and the great attraction it generates for investors and people who want to buy a vacation home or villa in Orlando . In addition, the region is beautiful, full of nature and lakes.

The region is expected to be the destination of numerous international medical conventions, competing with major centers in the sector such as Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas and Atlanta.

How it all started

To understand the potential that Lake Nona has, it is important to know a little about its history. About 20 years ago, an organization called Tavistock Group, owned by British businessman Joe Lewis, started buying land in the region. Since then the group started to design an ideal community, with commercial and residential properties, within a modern concept and with a lot of technology. This project started to be put into practice and is today what we call Lake Nona.

Many cities have tried to establish “clusters” in certain segments, such as the Medical City, to stimulate their economies. Few did. And so far, none has combined a cluster with a residential development with this ambitious mix of appeal and habitability.

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