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One of the largest developers in the USA and the most active in Orlando, Lennar, is with plans to launch a new condo. The new community would be in the Apopka community, one of the fastest growing suburban areas in the region.

According Orlando Business Journal, Lennar sent a pre-application request earlier this month to Orange County, where it expresses interest in building a 120-house new condo, to be called Rhett’s Ridge, in a currently rural area of ​​approximately 45 acres.

Proposed site of Rhett’s Ridge

Apopka has been emerging in the Orlando area, attracting new commercial and residential developments. It is also considered one of the most active areas in Central Florida for selling homes. The zip code where the Rhett’s Ridge condo would be built registered the fourth largest sale of homes in Orange County in August, according to the latest data from the Orlando Regional Realtor Association.

Find out more in the Orlando Business Journal report clicking here.

Lennar plans new homes in booming Apopka: Rhett's Ridge

About Lennar

Founded in 1954, Lennar Corporation is a major construction company in the United States, headquartered in Miami. In 2017 the company was considered the largest in the United States.

AMG International Realty has long had a solid partnership with Lennar, promoting and selling its properties, both in Orlando and Miami. Some examples of prestigious condos for homes in Orlando from the construction company are: Storey Lake, Champions Gate and Solterra.

Lennar also offers several options for residential properties. If you are interested in knowing more about the various options offered by Lennar in south and central Florida, contact us at any time by WhatsApp: +1 305 318 6968 (Heloisa Arazi).

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