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After all this time in the Real Estate Business, I’m happy to say that through all these years, I collected not only clients but dear friends, and in the past few days, I felt the urge of sharing my thoughts and what for me are lessons from Covid-19.

During this serious situation with the World facing this Corona virus, we want to be sensitive to what’s happening while also being careful to protect the livelihood of our team. So we would like to let you know that we are all working from home and following all the health specialist’s recommendations. 

In such scary and wild times we are over here wondering how long is this going to last? All this definitely causes us to re-order our priorities, and to focus on the things that matter most. Although these are difficult times, we strongly believe that we can always learn something from every situation we face in our lives.

Francesco and Greta Innominati wave after placing a banner reading "Everything is gone be all right". Lessons from covid-19 - Rome, March 13, 2020. Image: Alessandra Tarantino/AP.
Francesco and Greta Innominati wave after placing a banner reading “Everything is gone be all right”. Lessons from covid-19 – Rome, March 13, 2020. Image: Alessandra Tarantino/AP.

 First, I think that one of the lessons Covid-19 has thought us is that the world is a physical place. This concept may sound trivial but in today’s world it is easily forgotten when we apprehend it mostly through screens, or through the cozy, contained environments that make up most of our lives (our home, our office, our gym, our car…). It reminded us that in a globalized world our lives are so intertwined that the idea of viewing ourselves as islands – whether as individuals, communities or nations – does not exist. What happens on the other side of the World can and probably will directly affect your life. Today, more than ever, when you turn on the news, we see that we are here as one people facing one common enemy and to be successful in this battle we need to learn how to work together as one. 

 Second, it is reminding us how important are the things we might take for granted sometimes, like our health, our loved ones, our homes, being outside in Nature… We, as a society, we’re living our day-to-day lives on such a fast and crazy pace that it took us a global health crisis to make us take a step back, return to our houses to rebuild our home. It forced us to take time to value the things that truly matter and above all, to be humble enough to see that most of the time we seem to have a great deal of control over things, right until the moment that we don’t have any. 

 With that being said, I’m positive enough to know that we will overcome this whole situation. I have faith in God and Science to know that sooner or later we’ll discover something that will help us control the situation and avoid so many losses; but it is also in our hands to not just move on from where we paused when we were first segregated at home, but to actually learn lessons from Covid-19 and start building a better and more than ever, a more humane world. 

 We would also like to take this time to thank all doctors, nurses, public health workers, caregivers and social workers who are battling out here to save lives by risking their own.

I really hope you stay positive, stay productive, and most importantly, stay safe! We are in this together.

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