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Lincoln Road Mall South Beach
Lincoln Road is a unique pedestrian avenue located between 16th and 17th Streets in Miami Beach Florida. It is a true open-air mall,  also called Lincoln Road Mall, just by gathering trade characteristics combined with entertainment center. Besides shops, the avenue offers bars, restaurants, galleries and much more . On some Sundays, on the boardwalk, there is a famous crafts fair of antiques.

It’s a nice ride for the whole family. It is interesting for those who want to shop, have lunch , dinner or just a drink . It is very close to the beach, so it is also a great ride after a beautiful day of March.

Shopping at Lincoln Road Mall

Shopping on Lincoln Road is interesting because there are some stores you will find only there and nowhere else in Miami. However, it is not the cheapest place in Miami. If you prefer the search prices outlets Miami or some malls such as Aventura Mall , for example. For important tips on shopping in Miami visit: Shopping in Miami.

Some stores you will find the avenue : GAP, Vicotira ‘s Secret, Apple Store, Macy’s, HM, L’ Occitane, Miss Sixty, Apparel Americal, Juicy Couture, Anthropologie, Kiehl’s, Osklen, Adidas Y3, Adidas SLVR, 7 for All Mannkind ,Forever 21, Zara, OndadeMar, French Connection, Swatch, Banana Republic, Bebe, Oakley, Quicksilver, Williams-Sonoma, Lacoste , Vogue Italy, Bikini Village, among others.

Brief history on Lincoln Road Mall

Carl Fisher , the millionaire who designed Miami Beach around 1910 , envisioned Lincoln Road as an avenue that would rival the Fifth Avenue (NY ) and Rodeo Drive (LA ) . The goal was to turn all of Carl Miami Beach at a luxury resort for the rich and famous.

In fact , the goal was reached by year 50. After this period the region began a period of decadence and only recovered again at the end of the 70s.

Currently the Lincoln Road is a huge and beautiful exclusive avenue for pedestrians with shops , restaurants, cafes and beautiful people walking.

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