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Dan Kodsi, CEO of Royal Palms Companies and developer of the luxury condo Paramount Miami World Center in Downtown Miami explains the concept of Live and Play for the residents of the building. Paramount Miami is one of the newest residential condos in the city center. It is located inside the Miami World Center, one of the largest mixed-use complexes in the world. The condo offers high standard residences from 1 to 3 bedrooms, with prices ranging from US $ 700 thousand to US $ 1.5 million.

Live and Play: The lifestyle at Paramount Miami - Interview with Dan Kodsi

Kodsi explains that they faced the opposite problem that any construction company could face in a construction in the center of a large metropolis: the excess space. Generally, the central regions of large cities are characterized by scarcity of area, a situation that requires developers a lot of creativity and planning to be able to fit amenities in a short space. It was not the case at Paramount Miami where, in fact, the developers had a hard time figuring out what they could create to fill that much space.

Paramount was privileged with an area of ​​4 acres. “It is a lot of space,” exclaims Kodsi, who warns of the fact that this is an unprecedented situation today in any central region of metropolises worldwide. Initially, the designers thought about creating a resort-style pool, until they had to come up with 3 pools to occupy so much space. Why not a soccer field on a high floor? “This is something never done before,” says Kodsi. Still, there was still plenty of room. Until tennis courts, huge gyms, basketball courts and a great fitness center were designed to occupy all the available space.

Kodsi then launched the concept of “Live & Play” within a context where people could reinvigorate their lifestyle on a daily basis. Exercise, take care of your health, refresh yourself. This is the concept.

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