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The pandemic has attracted many people from the northern states to buy real estate in Florida, especially single-family homes. The idea is to escape the congested urban areas of the north and migrate to regions with lower population density in suburban areas of the Sunshine State. This movement was so intense during the pandemic period that it caused an imbalance between supply and demand for this specific segment of single-family homes, causing buyers to compete for the same house, raising their average price. At the same time as demand increased, inventory decreased. With so much demand for wide spaces in Florida and a lack of inventory for single-family homes, many Americans are considering buying condos in Miami. In this context, they are giving priority to the so-called low-density condos, which are buildings with fewer units and people.

For cosmopolitan dwellers, choosing a condo instead of preserves the feeling of ownership and still have access to many useful and exclusive amenities that a house doesn’t have. And, if the issue is less risk of contagion during pandemic times and large residences with plenty of rooms, low-density condos might be the solution.

Low-density condos in Miami are a good choice of investment

Low-density condos stand out in the pandemic. In addition to minimizing the risk of contagion (few people in the condominium), these condominiums offer incredible amenities that very often a single-family home cannot provide. Of course, you won’t have a backyard with a private pool. However, you will have incredible amenities and 5-star hotel services. Some of these luxury condos offer a veranda pool, as is the case with the Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Beach.

Most developers are also adjusting their plans and designs to adapt the new buildings to the most efficient safety and health protocols. Some examples of modifications are touchless buttons for opening doors and elevators, scanners to measure employee temperature, modern air conditioning systems that prevent air recirculation, among other adaptations.

Another interesting fact is that one of the main characteristics of single-family homes that attract most buyers from the north is the location of the new home, usually in suburban areas of Miami, where the demographic density is lower. Even in this respect, low-density condos are similar, as many of them are located in exclusive and residential regions.

Are low-density condos too expensive?

Usually, low-density condos come with a higher price and cost of maintenance, compared to low-density ones. The main reason is that these properties are more exclusive, with fewer people, and fewer owners sharing the expenses. But the good news is that nowadays you may find a low-density luxury condo in Miami with a very attractive and affordable price. With everyone aiming towards single-family homes, luxury condo inventory in Miami is high and prices plummeted. There has never been a better moment to buy a condo in Miami.

Although single-family homes are the ideal type of property nowadays, it might be hard to find the perfect one in a very “seller” market we are experiencing now in Florida for this specific segment. Instead, consider searching for condos in Miami, especially in the luxury segment, that is with high inventory, low prices, and full of opportunities.

Master suite at low-density luxury condo Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Beach.
Master suite at a unit in Porsche Design Tower, one of the most luxury condos in Florida. During the pandemic luxury condos prices plummeted. You may by a unit at this building for $3,500,000 nowadays. Usually prices are above US$ 5 M.

Below is a list of 5 reasons you should consider buying a unit at a low-density condo in Miami:

1. Low-density condos offer a quiet and calm environment

This is one of the main reasons you should consider buying a low-density condo in Miami. Fewer people means less noise. Besides, all these luxury condos in Miami are built in a way to avoid noise to spread between residences. Fewer neighbors mean you are able to enjoy better your life. Usually, low-density condos are more homy.

2. Less Sharing and more privacy in low-density condos

“Sharing” was the main concept before the pandemic. Now the word is “isolations”. Less sharing is exactly what people are looking for at this moment. The more people you have in a building the more the risk of contagion. Besides, low-density condos give residents the chance to enjoy better the amenities. What is the point of having a state-of-the-art gym if the place is crowded all the time, or having a spa with no schedule free? That also means you have more privacy.

3 – Fewer and better neighbors. Enjoy your community

Living in a low-density condo does not mean you don’t belong to a community. It means you are able to enjoy that community with a better quality of life and with a sense of exclusivity. It is an intimate environment with more privacy, that creates a closer-knit community and more intimate social interaction with people that have a similar lifestyle.

4. Larger residences at low-density condos

One of the main reasons people are fleeing urban congested centers in the north to Florida is to leave in a larger residence. Confinement during pandemic times in a large single-family home in the Sunshine State is certainly much better than been stuck inside a small apartment in New York. At least you have a large kitchen, large rooms that you may convert into a home office, or even a nice backyard with a pool and a barbecue.

But, guess what? Luxury low-density condos in Florida are not different. Some of them even offer a private pool and barbecue area on the balcony. A residence in a  luxury condo in Miami is usually larger than an average single-family home.

5. More Security

Lots of residents often comes with lack of security. It is easier to handle all security issues in a low-density environment. The ration between security personnel and owners is small. Thus, it is safer for residents. At high-density might be harder to monitor the intense flux of people coming in and out of the building.

Combining all these attractive aspects – potential for capital growth, luxury of space, enhanced security and maintenance system, intimate community living and more relaxed ambiance – living in a low-density condominium is definitely a perfect choice for both city lifestyle and long-term investment.

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