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Lummus Park is a large green, tree-lined strip between the beach and Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. The Park offers all the infrastructure for the visitor with boardwalks, bike paths, playground, restrooms among other facilities, all very well organized and clean. It is an example to be followed by other coastal cities in the world.

This amazing park is ideal for those who want to take a beautiful walk, enjoying on one side the beach of Miami Beach with its blue sea and on the other the famous Art Deco architecture of Ocean Drive. A tip is to rent a bike and take a beautiful ride along the park’s boardwalks.

Tired? So just cross the street and sit in one of the bars or restaurants on Ocean Drive and enjoy a mojito or frozen margherita and enjoy the movement of people, luxury cars (Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Masseratis, etc.) spot a celebrity.

All these characteristics make the stretch where the Park is located the busiest and most popular in Miami Beach.

Below are two images of Lummus Park. The first Miami Beach show in 1969, with Lummus Park (lined strip of coconut trees) between Miami Beach beach and Ocean Drive. The second is a recent photo, where the park gains infrastructure, bike paths, boardwalks, among other facilities.

Lummus Park

Lummus Park Video

In this video, where the amateur cameraman makes a filming of a bicycle through Lummus Park, it is possible to get a good idea of ​​the bike path, sports courts in the sand, people walking, the coconut trees, etc.

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