Florida is one of the most visited destinations in the world and also a promising market for investors and millionaires looking for comfort and luxury. Miami and Orlando are the two most popular cities. Orlando has always been seen as the city of theme parks, attracting more than 70 million people every year. Miami has always been labeled as the destination for luxury, hype and nightlife. Fun and luxury separated these two destinations into different categories. In recent years this scenario has changed. Orlando began to show a side beyond the parks. Some neighborhoods and regions of Orlando started to directly rival Miami in the item “Luxury”.

When someone schedules a trip to Orlando, he or she usually assembles a super busy and tight itinerary. Visiting theme parks and shopping completely fill the agenda and there is almost no time left for anything else. Only those who have been to Orlando a few times and have been able to rest from the parks and shopping marathon know how much Orlando has to offer.

Orlando is a city located in central Florida, where nature is beautiful and lush. The Greater Orlando offers typical towns and villages in the interior of Florida, with super charming historic centers, local cuisine and a lot of culture.

And it is in this environment of Orlando that are some of the most luxurious houses in the world!

Luxury around Orlando

Luxury in Orlando

It is not news that many celebrities bought homes in Orlando to spend vacation or even to live in the Sunshine State. Tiger Woods, Shaquille O’neil and Nicolas Kage are some international names that chose Orlando to buy or build their mansions.

Condominiums around Orlando attract buyers

Some factors make central Florida special and preferred by many rich and famous . Below we list 6:

1 – Region is more protected from storms and hurricanes

The central region of Florida brings some differences in relation to trendy Miami. The first is the fact that it is more protected from hurricanes and tropical storms coming from the ocean. Orlando is in the central part of the continent, and storms generally weaken once they reach the coast.

2 – Bucolic climate and exuberant nature

The second is the climate and bucolic environment that the cities around Orlando offer. The region is beautiful, with impressive tropical nature, several lakes and incredible biodiversity.

3 – Privacy and residential atmosphere

A third factor is that the region around Orlando does not suffer from heavy tourist traffic. They are small, reserved and residential cities. Famous people seek privacy and peace, away from the harassment of fans.

4 – The best golf courses in the world

No wonder Tiger Woods chose the outskirts of Orlando to have a vacation home. The region is known for having some of the best golf courses in the world, a favorite sport of the famous and millionaires.

5 – Security

And of course, all of these neighborhoods and regions offer great schools and some of the lowest crime rates in the United States.

6 – Large houses in interior regions are more suitable in times of pandemic

The advent of COVID-19 impacted the purchase decision in the real estate sector worldwide. In Florida, the demand for large, multi-room homes with a spacious outdoor area has increased considerably. In this new context, luxury properties in open areas, far from large centers, have seen an appreciation. The central region of Florida fits this profile perfectly.

Luxury Real Estate Orlando

Isleworth and Windermere – Discover the stronghold of famous and luxury condominiums

Two communities gain prominence around Orlando: Isleworth and Windermere.

These two communities are very close to downtown Orlando (30 minutes by car), north of the city. The small town of Windermere is a charm and home to some of the most luxurious condominiums in the region. On the outskirts of Windermere is the Isleworth community, where several millionaires and celebrities also own homes.

These two communities have gained prominence in recent years due to the unique quality of life they offer. While they are close to downtown Orlando and all the main attractions in the city, they also remain in a secluded area away from the hustle and bustle of tourists.

But what makes these two communities special is the chain of lakes where they are located, the so-called Butler Chain of Lakes . The chain consists of 11 lakes connected by navigable channels. Several condominiums were built by the lakes. Many celebrities and millionaires buy land by the lake to build their mansions.

Shaquille O'neal's luxury residence in Isleworth, near Orlando
Shaquille O’neal’s luxury residence in Isleworth, near Orlando

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