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Have you heard of Metromover Miami? This is a free shuttle that serves the Downtown and Brickell areas. It is a kind of suspended train or electric cable car that runs without a driver. Transportation is very practical for residents of downtown Miami and also for tourists who want to stroll and explore Downtown without spending anything and protected from the heat on the hottest days. Some of the main points the train goes are the American Airlines Arena, Bayside Marketplace, Miami-Dade College and the Miami-Dade County School Board.

After the housing boom and growth in the central neighborhoods of Miami, the authorities began to invest in mobility in the region. Metromover, after all, is a modern option that is already part of the daily lives of residents and tourists.

Metromover Miami
Metromover Miami – Photo: Miami-Dade County

How Metromover Miami works

Using Metromover Miami is very simple! It’s like a subway. As it is free transport, there are no turnstiles or the need to purchase tickets to use it. Just wait on the platform and watch or listen (a bell sounds when they approach) for a Metromover car coming in the direction you wish to go. There is a map in the center of each platform with a digital display saying the car’s destination. Metromover cars arrive frequently, usually every 90 seconds during rush hours and every 3 minutes other periods of the day. Just wait for the passengers to leave and get on board.

Hours of operation

From 5 am to midnight, 7 days a week

In the event of an interruption in Metromover services, Miami City Hall offers a free shuttle bus (it is free only if Metromover services are interrupted). Click here to download bus route map.

Metromover Miami Map

Major Metromover stop destinations include the American Airlines Arena, the Bayside Marketplace, Miami-Dade College and the Miami-Dade County School Board. Check all stops on the map below (To download the map, click here):

Metromover Miami Map
Metromover Miami Map –

The map above shows 3 lines that run through central Miami. There are more than 7 km connecting various points and attractions of the city. The dark blue line concentrates stations in the north of Miami. The light blue line runs through the shopping center. The yellow line is concentrated in the Brickell region and financial center.

For more information click here to visit the official website

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