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The cozy Metrowest neighborhood in Orlando stands out for its tree-lined streets, lots of nature and also for being a Brazilian community. Before becoming part of the city’s urban design, the region was dominated by extensive orange groves. The neighborhood was planned in the 1980s with the aim of ensuring quality of life for its residents. It is not for nothing that he receives the deserved title of “Oasis of Orlando”.

Metrowest Orlando: Discover this nice neighborhood in Florida

Impeccable landscaping

As already mentioned, one of the highlights of the neighborhood is the presence of nature and impeccable landscaping, with lakes, parks, lots of trees and the beautiful flowerbeds of the famous Hiawasse Rd, which cuts Metrowest from North to South.

Hiawassee Rd in Metrowest - Known for its impeccable landscaping with lots of trees and flower beds
Hiawassee Rd in Metrowest – Known for its impeccable landscaping with lots of trees and flower beds – Photo: Google Street View

In addition to a magnificent golf course, there is the famous Bill Frederick Park, with 183 acres of area for walks and other recreational activities. Do you like fishing? The park is on the shores of Lake Turkey (Turkey Lake), one of the five largest fishing lakes in Florida.

Prime location in Orlando

Location is also a positive factor. It is located close to the heart of the city’s tourist area, close to International Drive, Orlando’s main avenue. International Drive connects you to all major Orlando attractions. There you will find a wide variety of commercial establishments, business centers, restaurants, shops, among other establishments.

The Village
Metrowest Village

The Metrowest neighborhood is only 20 minutes away from Disney and SeaWorld and 5 minutes from Universal Studios. It is also close to I-4, one of the main access roads to Orlando.

Metrowest Real Estate

Metrowest is also characterized by being a residential neighborhood in Orlando, with a slightly different profile than the main Vacation Homes neighborhoods in Orlando. It is a neighborhood suitable for Latin Americans who want to live in the city and not just spend seasons. When it was designed, its construction plan foresaw residential and commercial properties in a harmonious urban mix for its residents.

The neighborhood offers a variety of real estate options including apartments, single-family houses or townhomes.

Metrowest Real Estate

Schools and Colleges

Schools in Metrowest are highly rated. They are: Metrowest Elementary School, Chain of Lakes Middle School and Olympia High School. It is in the neighborhood that Valencia Community College is also found, famous among Latin Americans for its language courses.

Latin community in Metrowest

The Metrowest neighborhood in Orlando is very popular with Latins, precisely because it is considered a green and yellow community in the region. Because of this profile, there are many establishments aimed to the Latin public: supermarkets, typical restaurants, etc. Play in the region that speaks more Portuguese on the streets than English!

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