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Miami-Dade County Cultural Institutions Announce a Collaborative Partnership and Media Campaign to Bolster the Arts, Together. It is the Miami Art Strong, an ongoing partnership to strengthen the impact and ensure the longevity of the arts in Miami. Reported Miami’s Community Newspaper.

Miami Art Strong will kick off on July 16, with the launch of an interactive digital marketing campaign that invites local audiences to share the local art experiences that inspire them and keep them hopeful about the future using the hashtag #MiamiArtStrong.

The arts are a powerful force, allowing us to express our humanity through a spectrum of emotions, from joy to sadness and nostalgia. Most importantly, the arts allow us to connect with one another, and address the profound cultural and societal frameworks that make up our present-day reality. In a moment of collective reckoning, the arts encourage reflection, ignite necessary conversations, and create empathy among our widely diverse communities. 

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Miami-Dade County Cultural Institutions Announce Campaign to Bolster the Arts
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