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Every neighborhood you go in Miami nowadays offers great restaurants and food. Back on early-90’s it was hard to find a nice restaurant outside a nightclub or a  hotel. Today, the nightclubs and resorts still offers some of the finest restaurants in town, but you can also find everywhere you go plenty of internationally recognized establishments with all kinds of food: Italian, Asian, Mediterranean, Latin, etc..

This foodie vibe atmosphere Miami offers with a variety of great places to eat is possible due to the multi-culture environment the town. People from all over the world lives in Miami and brought their culinary tradition to the community.

In this post we list the best restaurants in Miami Beach. Some of them are very exclusive and high-priced! Good news is that most of them participates in the Miami Spice Festival, that runs from August 1 through September 30 every year. During the festival locals and visitors are able to explore some of the finest restaurants for an affordable price. So, if you are looking for a great place to dine or have a nice time with friends in Miami Beach, just check it out below. Bon appetit!


It is a charming Italian restaurant located on James Avenue in Miami Beach, the place offers a cozy, modern and romantic atmosphere, ideal for couples in love visiting Miami. In it you will find the wonders of Italian cooking that are house specialties, accompanied by an extensive wine menu. One of the best italian Miami Beach Restaurants. More about Casa Tua Miami Beach

Miami Beach Restaurants

Joe’s Stone Crab

Joe’s Stone Crab is one of the best and most traditional restaurants in Miami, famous for its delicious giant crabs. Joe’s restaurant celebrated its 100 anniversary in 2013. The place is older than the city of Miami Beach (1915). It is an icon in Miami and a must-go restaurant. Learn more about Joe’s Stone Crab Miami

Joe's Restaurant - Miami Beach


If you’re looking for a trendy restaurant in Miami Beach, The Forge is the ideal place. Located on Forty First Street in Miami Beach, the house is divided into several sophisticated and elegant environments that enchant visitors. The menu is very diverse, offering exquisite combinations that please all palates. It is worth checking out. More about The Forge Miami

The Forge Miami


Another great Miami Beach Restaurant. Specialized in Greek cuisine, the place is considered one of the best fish restaurants in Miami. Customers can choose seafood and fresh fish on time directly on an counter exposed in the main hall. The wine list is high quality and allows perfect matching with the dishes served. Located on 1st Street in Miami Beach, the house is an excellent option for those who enjoy fish, seafood and tasty Greek cuisine. More about Estiatorio Milos Miami.

Lobster - Greek Restaurant Miami


Located on Lenox Avenue in Miami Beach, the Yardbird is a bar restaurant ideal for those who enjoy modern versions of typical dishes from the South of the United States. The restaurant serves delicious brunches, lunches, portions for happy hour and drinks. Usually, the house is open until the early hours and attracts a young and cool audience. More about Yardbird Restaurant

Yardbird Miami Beach Restaurant


Cuban restaurant, located on James Avenue in Miami Beach, it has pleasant and comfortable internal and external accommodation, ideal for the tropical climate of Miami. Specialized in ceviches and other typical dishes of Latin cuisine, the house offers a large variety of combinations and ingredients that lead the Cuban spices. After dinner, try the delicious desserts. More about Ola Restaurant

Ola Miami Beach Restaurant

The Bazaar – Miami Beach Restaurants

Located on SLS Hotel on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, the restaurant is specialized in Spanish cuisine with Latin influence. The high quality of the dishes and menu combinations do justice to the international renown of the award-winning Chef José Andrés who signs the house menu. The atmosphere is amazing and your experience will be unforgettable. Click here for more information about The Bazaar Restaurant

Bazaar Restaurant Miami Beach

La Sandwicherie

This snack bar, located on 14th Street, brings French inspiration to compose the menu that combines perfectly with the climate and style of Miami Beach. On this place you will find a great variety of natural juices, healthy products, balanced snacks and salad options. La Sandwicherie is ideal for those seeking a lightweight, balanced and delicious meal during the season in Miami. More about La Sandwicherie in Miami Beach

Spceial Croissant Sandwiches

Osteria del Teatro – Amazing Italian Restaurant

Located in the charming district of Art Deco on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach, this Italian restaurant offers delicious crafted and homemade pasta for over 25 years. The environment is comfortable and elegant, providing a pleasant experience for anyone who is a fan of Italian cooking. Learn more about Osteria Del Teatro in Miami Beach

Osteria Del Teatro Miami Beach

The Dutch

The restaurant is located in the W Hotel on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach and has a diverse menu with delicious lunch options, snacks, drinks, candy, and more. The atmosphere is quite relaxed and pleasant, ideal for those who enjoy the lifestyle of Miami Beach. Read more about The Dutch Miami

The Dutch Restaurant Miami Beach

Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse

Have you ever tried a USDA Prime Steak? If you did you certainly know the difference between this certified beef compared to the others. And the taste gets even better when prepared by Smith & Wollensky’s Kitchen Staff. The tenderness, juiciness and buttery flavor are simply amazing. Smith & Wollensky is an American Steakhouse chain with restaurants in many places in US and also in London. It is one of the most famous Steakhouses in the world. So, if you are looking for a restaurant in Miami Beach that serves wonderful steaks, this is the one! Learn more about Smith & Wollensky USDA Prime Steaks

USDA Prime Steaks


The secret of success of this restaurant is the result between the combination of flavors and ingredients of Latin and Asian cuisines. So, it offers exotic, innovative and delicious dishes. The desserts also are featured on Pubbelly. Located on 20th Street, the recipes rely on the talent and creativity of renowned Chef José Mendín. Check it out: Pubbelly Restaurant Miami Beach

Shortrib Tartare

One of the most popular dishes at Pubbelly, the shortrib tartare mixes influences from Europe and Asia. Photo Source: Flickr Visitflorida


This Spanish Mediterranean restaurant in Miami Beach brings typical Catalan dishes and also the best of fusion-cuisine. The establishment belongs to the same group of Pubbelly and Pubbelly Sushi. Read more about Barceloneta Miami


Esqueixada – The Catalan Ceviche – Photo Courtesy: Chat Chow TV


Macchialina – Miami Beach Restaurants

Trendy Italian restaurant in Miami Beach, located on Alton Road, the house has a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. The place offers generous portions that allow sharing the dishes with friends and family. The delicious fresh pasta are given an innovative twist with high-quality ingredients that are terminated with the famous rustic spices. More about Macchialina


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