Right after Governor Ron DeSantis’ determination, on the last 5, to start Phase 2 of reopening the state of Florida, the city of Miami receives more good news: the beaches of Miami-Dade County may reopen tomorrow (Wednesday). The beaches were closed due to the pandemic and would open on June 1. The starting date, however, had to be postponed due to the May 30 protests, resulting from the death of George Floyd.

The violence and brutality of the protests, which involved looting shops and destroying police cars, prompted Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez to postpone the beach reopening date and institute a curfew across Miami-Dade County. . On Monday (8), Gimenez announced that he has suspended the curfew and plans to reopen for tomorrow, as long as certain security measures and social distance are followed, to prevent the spread of the covid-19.

Another easing measure was the recent authorization for gyms in the county to operate at full capacity. It is the first time that the segment is back in operation since March, when the establishments were ordered to close. Gyms must also follow protection guidelines, such as the requirement to wear masks. Some gyms are adopting temperature control systems at the entrance.

Gyms to reopen in Miami Dade

In addition to gyms, summer camps, massage studios, tattoo studios and public libraries, they were also allowed to reopen.

Gradually the state of Florida resumes its activities, following safety measures and guidelines from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Flights from Brazil to the U.S. are still suspended, as determined by President Donald Trump on May 26.

Real estate sector already reopens and purchases can be made virtually

The Miami real estate sector has taken creative measures to facilitate the process of buying real estate. Before the pandemic, the buyer’s physical presence in Florida was already not required. In this pandemic moment, virtual processes were intensified, to prevent people from leaving home and exposing themselves. Several developers and brokers have used videos and virtual tours in apartments and houses in Miami so that the buyers can see the property as real as possible, as if they were physically in it.

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