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During the pandemic, many Americans opted to move. This was because our new lives allowed for remote working, changing jobs, and shifting priorities. Although people moved for many reasons, a unique group moved because of something very special… their furry friends. That’s right, during the pandemic, many Americans moved to dog-friendly cities in order to better accomodate their dogs. 88% of dog owners consider their dogs part of the family. Therefore, it is no surprise that dog owners were actively looking for cities to better accomodate their pet.

In a recent research study, the company Rover looked at Zillow to find where the most pet-friendly features are located. These features are so popular right now, that the company was able to name 15 cities as the most “dog-friendly cities” for 2021. Although the list does not just include major cities (it also has a variety of medium-sized cities and suburbs), three major Florida cities made it into the cut.

Orlando was named second in the list, Tampa was number ten, and Miami was number thirteen. Amongst the list, Saint Petersburg Florida also made it, as number fifteen. The number one emerging dog-friendly city in the list was Denver.

Pet-friendly features have become incredibly popular. So much so, that 62% of dog owners would consider moving if their pet needed better accommodations. For 86% of owners, finding a home with proper pet-friendly features is important. As of today, the #1 feature dog owners are looking for is a fenced-in outdoor area.

Because the popularity of these features is increasing, homes that are dog-friendly are also selling faster. In fact, homes with a fenced backyard sold 5 days faster than expected. Similarly, homes that mentioned a dog run sold 4 days faster than expected.

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Dog-friendly cities in 2021

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