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Miami Seaquarium is the largest aquarium in the United States, situated in Key Biscayne Island. In the park are found hundreds of species of fish, sea turtles, sharks, reptiles, and other animals that also participate in the daily attractions and shows. It is a great thing to do in Miami with kids, but the adults will love it as well.

About 600,000 people visit the Miami Seaquarium every year looking for lots of fun and entertainment, especially during the presentations and attractions with marine animals.


Killer Whale & Dolphin

Imagine an Orca Killer Whale living, playing and performing with its Dolphin friends. Well…you are able to find that pacific relationship at the Miami Seaquarium where Lolita (the Killer Whale) and her white-sided dolphin friends show off their grace and intelligence in this amazing show.

Lolita Killer Whale - Miami Seaquarium
The name of the whale in the picture is Lolita. She is the star attraction at Miami Seaquarium for almost 50 years. Photo Source: Miami Herald

Top Deck Dolphin

Thrill to the high-flying antics of bottlenose dolphins as they perform breathtaking leaps and rolls. Guests thrill to the acrobatics of these agile marine mammals as they brave “rough waters” during the Rock n’ Roll Cruise. The Top Deck dolphins can be viewed anytime throughout the day from above and below the water. Keep your eyes open you might be able to spot a baby dolphin depending on when you visit.

Golden Dome Sea Lion

Enjoy the hilarious adventures of Salty the Sea Lion and his Reef Rangers. This comedic playlet allows the sea lion and seal stars to show off their athletic and comedic abilities as they explore the reef searching for a littering diver. You, too, can be a Reef Ranger by helping protect our waters from trash and recycling whenever possible.

Flipper Dolphin Show

The new Caribbean themed show, with a new set, music, and behaviors will let everyone know what Flipper has been up to in recent years. While the show demonstrates that Flipper’s surroundings may have changed, his core commitment to helping out when there is a need has not. In addition, a new historic display of images and nostalgia from the original TV show will be on exhibit at the entrance of Flipper’s stadium.

Animal Encounters

Dolphin Odyssey

Lovely 30 minute water experience with cute Dolphins. You might even be kissed by these lovely creatures! Rubs, handshakes and feeding are also included.

Dolphin Encounter

Dolphin Encounter

Also another great experience with dolphins, but this time in a shallower pool. Nice experience for kids and adults. One of the nicest things about this experience is that, during the program, the dolphin swims towards you while you stand in a few feet of water. Learn also some of the training signals.

VIP Tour

This is an exclusive interactive entertainment that offers you the chance to get closer to some exotic animals. Meet a iguana or a macaw, feed the manatees, take pictures with sea lions! The entire Vip Tour takes about 90 minutes.

Sea Trek Reef Encounter

Star Trek expericence?! Almost…not with stars but underwater. Don’t worry! You will be presented with a dive high-tech “water proof” futurist helmet that allows you to breathe normally while you walk underwater for 20 minutes. Meet sting rays, tropical fish and other exotic sea animals and creatures. Learn more about  Sea Trek Reef Encounter on this video

Sea Trek Reef Encounter
Sea Trek Reef Encounter programa – Walk underwater with a state-of-the-art dive helmet that allows you to breathe normally. While you walk, meet some nice exotic sea creatures.

Seal Swim

Encounter some harbor seals in this 20 minute experience. Swim alongside the Miami Seaquarium’s seals in this shallow water entertainment. Like the Dolphins programs..hugs and kisses are included!

Trainer for a Day at Miami Seaquarium

Imagine being behind-the-scenes with Miami Seaquarium trainers and learn some of their training tactics.  You will be a trainer participant for a day!

Educational & Outreach

Miami Seaquarium also offers many educational programs such as: Camp Programs, Field Trips/Teacher’s Corner (Field Trips, school outreach and other educational programs for your classroom curricula), Home School (discussions on animals in the ocean, South Florida habitats, endangered species, and conservation. Learn more about Home School at Miami Seaquarium), Boy Scout Program, Girl Scout Program, Overnight Program, Mommy and Me (Parents and children interacting and learning about the many sea animals. For children ages 2-5 years.)

Click here to learn about all the Educational & Outreach programs Miami Seaquarium offers.

Miami Seaquarium – Hours & Directions

Located on Virginia Key Beach, Miami Seaquarium just minutes from Downtown Miami. The access is through Rickenbacker Causeway, the same route that connects the land to Key Biscayne. See directions below:

From the North:
Take I-95 South, Exit 1A (Miami Seaquarium), and follow the signs to Key Biscayne and Rickenbacker Causeway.

From the South:
Take US1 North, exit to right just before the on-ramp to I-95, and follow the signs to Key Biscayne and Rickenbacker Causeway.

For more detailed information contact Miami-Dade County transit (305) 770-3131

Miami Seaquariuim Adress
4400 Rickenbacker Causeway
Miami, FL 33149
(305) 361-5705

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