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Zuma is a contemporary Japanese restaurant with more than ten units worldwide. The place is known for its unique creations, full of exoticism, and for its amazing brunch. The restaurant was founded by chef Rainer Becker and has the most popular brunch in town, taking weeks and even months to get a reservation.

Zuma Miami Brunch

The atmosphere is sunny with outdoor and indoor tables! In hot days it is recommended staying inside because of the fresh air conditioning. Zuma Miami Brunch starts with the customer choosing the main course dish, called Brunch Sentaku. There are usually options for fish, meat, chickens and vegetables.

After choosing main course, you can select the beverage. Zuma Miami Brunch price varies depending on the beverage you choose. If you choose champagne, then you will pay a fixed price and have the drink during all the meal. In addition to champagne, there is also Bloody Mary, iced tea and the house sangria.

The Buffet is really amazing with lots of options for everyone from hot to cold snacks. You may preprare your own poached egg; It’s all fresh!

At the end you will be presented with a selection of desserts served on ice and brought to your table. Try to save some room!!

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