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Want to sell your property faster and for a better price? Consider turning it into a move-in ready home! The relocating process is already stressful enough for the buyer. Not only the effort dedicated to all activities that involve a change, such as packing everything and transporting, but also the psychological side of letting go of the old home, make the moving process often difficult. By offering a move-in ready option, you will shorten the process, making it less painful. Show your potential buyers the benefits of moving and starting a life in the new community right away.

Below I explain a little about the concept of move-in ready homes and, at the end of the article, I present 4 reasons why move-in ready homes are easier to sell. Keep reading!

4 reasons why move-in ready homes are easier to sell

What defines the move-in ready concept?

There is no standard definition of what a move-in ready property would be, but there is a consensus in the real estate market. They are properties where there is no impediment for new owners to move in immediately. This means that everything is working and no renovation or remodeling is needed at that time.

Check that the heating and cooling systems are in order. Do the hydraulic and electrical systems need repairs? Everything has to be working so that the property is ready to receive the new owners.

But the concept can go a little further!

The concept

The move-in ready concept also requires that the property be prepared for the market. In the article Home Staging: 7 benefits of having a home staged by a professional I explain the strategy in detail. In some ways, Home Staging goes beyond move-in ready. The idea is to transform the property into a product prepared for the market, making the sale faster and at a better price.

Within this strategy, the ideal is to adopt a neutral style of decoration. Each buyer has different styles and priorities. A neutral environment allows the buyer to adapt more easily, even if, in the future, he thinks about painting the walls in different colors or adding more extravagant accessories. The “less is more” is important at this time. Leave the space more clean and “open” so that new buyers can imagine themselves living there as soon as they enter the first visit.

5 reasons why move-in ready homes are easier to sell.

There are many properties on sale in a neighborhood, but not all of them are move-in ready! Stand out from the competition and show to the buyer all the benefits of moving in and start a life right away.

Below are four reasons why move-in ready homes are easier to sell.

1 – What you see is what you get in a move-in ready home

It is much easier for a buyer to buy exactly what he or she is seeing. The home they will live is right there in front of their eyes. There is no need for remodeling or waste time projecting future changes. At least for a while! If you prepare your property accordingly (ideally with the help of a Staging professional), then you should sell it faster.

2 – No maintenance needed

Buyers prefer move-in ready homes also because they offer zero or minimal maintenance issues. Why buy a home where you will waste time and worry about maintenance problems. The house across the street has no maintenance issues! Guess which house is going to sell first and for a better price?

3 – Quicker and easier adaption in the new location

Less time wasted in fixing things means more time focusing on knowing better your neighborhood, making new friends and adapting to your new life. Remember, there will be already lots of things to take care as soon as the buyer move. The buyer will need to focus on what is most important for him or her and the family. Buyers know that and that’s another reason move in ready homes sell better.

4 – Sell your move-in ready home ​​for a better price

Very often move in ready homes are sold with a higher price. That is because buyers won’t have to make huge investments in remodeling or fixing things as soon as they move. This perception can add a considerable extra value to the property.

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Florida is experiencing a very unique moment where many Americans from other states, specially from North and Northeast, are migrating to the south in search for a better climate, bigger homes, and more outdoor places to spend time with the family and practice social distance during pandemic times. At the same time there is a big demand for single-family homes in Florida, there is also the need to move-in quickly. These new buyers coming from other states are practically running away from the virus. They don’t have the time to wait!

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