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Recent report released by the Redfin real estate portal listed the top 8 Florida cities in 2021 and that promise to remain at the top of the ranking among “hot neighborhoods” (rising communities) by 2022. Most of them are located near the city of Sarasota, south of Tampa Bay. If you are thinking about moving to Florida, keep reading and find out some nice neighborhoods for house hunting.

Moving to Florida? Check out 8 hot cities for 2022

For the analysis, the Redfin portal considered the number of searches and views on properties in a given postal code and also the competitiveness index. All analysis data refer to September 2021.

The competitiveness index is an important factor to be considered, as it measures how difficult it is to win the dispute over a particular property, based on factors such as: 1 – number of days on the market and 2 – properties sold above price announced.

It is worth remembering that Florida is experiencing an overheating market, with considerably low inventory and extremely high demand, causing an imbalance in the sector. In 2021, the average price of real estate in the “Greater Orlando” region (Orlando and surrounding neighborhoods) valued more than 20%, reaching $325,000 milestone.

Following Florida’s rising cities and communities according to the report:

1 – South Sarasota

The city of Sarasota is already well known to Brazilians and offers beautiful beaches and an enviable quality of life. The southern part of the region, South Sarasota, has become more popular recently for having more affordable residential homes (prices still attractive) compared to the more central regions of the city. South Sarasota is close to Siesta Key, another Florida paradise with beautiful beaches. It is a quieter and more bucolic region, with easy mobility.

“The Sarasota area has changed radically in the last year,” said local Redfin real estate agent Eric Auciello. “Many of the cities around Sarasota are exploding in popularity because people are being priced-out (prices are too high) and prefer to leave Sarasota or move from other states to Florida to work remotely and enjoy the sun, low taxes and relative accessibility. (…)”.

2 – East Venice – Sarasota

Just 25 minutes from Sarasota and 1 hour from Tampa, East Venice is still a retirement-oriented community. The community is famous for its great golf courses and enviable quality of life. Like many retirement communities in Florida, East Venice is seeing a shift in its audience. More and more young people are searching for houses in the region, fleeing more expensive centers and looking for a more affordable life.

3 – Englewood

Englewood is a seaside town just 42 minutes from Sarasota and 1 hour and 20 minutes from Tampa. The region, still sparsely populated, has grown in favor of buyers as remote work consolidates.

4 – Venice

Venice is also a predominantly retired community with a quiet life and bucolic atmosphere. It is less than 30 minutes away from Sarasota and is part of the same county. The city offers a very charming historic center with great shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. Every moment, new establishments arrive in the region, which shows a city with a growing economy. It is a more picturesque community with unique architecture. It offers paradisiacal beaches and brings a curiosity: Venice is the Shark Tooth Capital of the World! What?? That’s right…walking along the beaches you will find many shark’s teeth. Learn more about in this article.

5 – Nokomis

Nokomis is also a city belonging to Sarasota County. The community has been receiving more and more residents from out of state, in search of a quiet life, sun and beautiful beaches. As a result, prices in the Nokomis community have increased but still remain considerably lower than in other regions of Florida.

6 – The Meadows

Still in Sarasota County, The Meadows community stands out for its golf courses and accessibility to Interstate 75, a big plus for anyone commuting to town on business.

7 – Weston

Leaving Florida’s west coast a bit, one community that has been gaining prominence on the state’s east coast is Weston. It is one of the most recommended communities to buy a property in Florida, especially for those who prefer proximity to cities like Miami and Fort Laurderdale. The city is famous for its “A” grade public schools and has been considered several times one of the best places to live in the country. Learn more about Weston, Florida

8 – Downtown, Fort Meyers

Coming back to the west coast, downtown Fort Meyers also gained prominence and ranked eighth in the rankings. The community offers many residential buildings from the 1950s that are relatively affordable and can be renovated. The city is emerging in the preference of local Americans and other states, in search of more affordable real estate.

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