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Are you planning on moving to Orlando Florida? The city of Orlando, Florida, is known mainly for its amusement parks and for being a great tourist destination. However, it is not only interesting to visit. Many tourists that get to know the city better are enchanted and decided to move and buy homes in Orlando.

It is no wonder that many people fall in love with this city in central Florida. It really has several benefits and is an excellent place to live with the family. Read on to find out more about this city and discover the advantages of living in Orlando!

Moving to Orlando Florida

Orlando – What is it like?

Located in Orange County, in central Florida, Orlando attracts thousands of tourists, all year round, who want to see some of the parks found in the city. There are more than 30 parks, among which are Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Sea World and Universal Studios.

As the city is one of the main tourist destinations in the United States, it has a huge amount of hotels, guides, houses and cars to be rented, that is, a great structure to receive tourists. For this reason, several Orlando residents work with tourism.

However, this is not Orlando’s only economic activity. The city is home to several industries in the area of ​​innovation, for example, data analysis, applications, software development, etc. In addition, it is a training center for several young people who wish to be athletes.

Orlando’s climate is subtropical, which pleases Brazilians who are looking for a better place to live but don’t like very cold seasons. The summer in the city is very hot and rainy, while the winter is dry and has lower temperatures, but the cold is not as intense as in other locations in the USA.

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Benefits of moving to Orlando

1. Quality of life

The first advantage of living in Orlando is for sure the quality of life it offers. It is not one of the large and populous cities in the United States, but Orlando still lacks nothing and there is still the tranquility of a smaller city.

As it is very touristy, the inhabitants are used to outsiders and are usually very receptive. Other strengths of Orlando are the quality of public education offered and security.

Her location for Brazilians is also quite interesting, as she is only eight hours away from Brazil. Therefore, returning to Brazilian lands during the holidays or when there is an appointment is easy and quick.

2. Many leisure options

The quality of life is even better because there are several leisure options for Orlando residents. In addition to the amusement parks visited by tourists and residents, the city has many green areas, where families can stroll, play sports and relax.

There are many restaurants in Orlando that appeal to a wide range of audiences, as there are a wide range of prices and flavors. The city still has a great location and is close to several beaches in the coastal municipalities.

So, when you live in Orlando, you can enjoy Florida’s main attractions: amusement parks and beaches, at any time of the year.

3. Low cost of living – Moving to Orlando

The cost of living in each city depends a lot on the places the inhabitants decide to shop. However, Orlando when compared to other cities in the United States, such as New York or Los Angeles, has a low cost of living.

If you still research before you buy, you can find stores, restaurants and supermarkets with good price options. Therefore, it is possible to save a lot.

4. Easy adaptation

The adaptation of Brazilian families in Orlando is usually easier than in other American cities. This is because many Brazilians already live there. Therefore, it is possible to meet and make friends with people from Brazil, speak a little in Portuguese (without forgetting English) and even go to Brazilian supermarkets, restaurants and bakeries.

In addition, the climate is similar to that of some regions of Brazil, so there is no need to adapt so much to the temperatures in the United States.

5. Good financial investment

Orlando is currently a growing city. So, property prices are relatively low when compared to other cities in the country. However, as it is expanding a lot, everything indicates that there will be an appreciation of properties in the future. So, buying a home in Orlando can be a good investment.

As the city is under development, now is also a great time to make other types of investments in the region, as profitability is high. There are several opportunities in the city, so it is important to study the market you want to invest in and Orlando’s own growth to decide which investment field is right for you.

6. Employment opportunities – Moving to Orlando

A great attraction for Brazilians to move to Orlando is the amount of job offers. As many tourists who visit the city during the year are from Brazil, several companies, shops and restaurants offer jobs for people fluent in Portuguese.

Of course, it is also essential to speak English, but Brazilians are increasingly being quoted to work in Orlando due to the importance of the Portuguese language in the city.

Another job option for Brazilians who decide to move to this city is to open their own company. There are several possibilities, for example, opening a business in the field of tourism or a technology company. With all documents regularized, it is possible to hire the necessary employees and develop a very profitable business.

Orlando is an excellent city to move with the family, because it offers a great quality of life, employment and investment opportunities, several leisure options, among other advantages.

In addition, the adaptation of Brazilians is generally easier than in other places. If you are interested in the idea of ​​living in Orlando and want to know more about real estate opportunities in Orlando, be sure to contact us!

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