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Have you heard about Multigenerational homes? It is a new concept of living that an impressive number of 64 millions Americans already adopted. Multigenerational homes, also referred to as multi-gen homes or next-gen homes, is a kind of home designed to accommodate multiple generations to live together. The concept has always been popular among Americans, specially those who needed to take care of their aging parents. But was not till the financial crisis, about a decade ago, that the idea started to get on the rise. With the pandemic, the multi-gen homes became even more popular. But how does it work? After all, living with many people under the same roof can be stressful. The concept behind multi-gen homes involves balancing accessibility and privacy among members that will live together. Keep reading to understand this new kind of living, that is already a reality for more and more Americans each year.

Multigenerational homes on the rise

How is a multi-gen house designed?

Multi-gen homes are designed to have a space where a family can live independently. Despite being part of the same floor-plan and everyone has access to the every room of the house, the space reserved for the second family or relative is well delimited and with complete privacy. Even a separate entrance with a separate garage can be included in the design. At the same time, everyone has access to the main living room, for example.

Generally, multi-gen houses are large houses where there is an attached space in the main floor designed to be similar to a studio (with a large suite, kitchenette and washer and dryer). The other areas of the house can be planned similar to common areas of condos, for example, with environments for home-office, home theater, etc. In this way, each member of the family who lives under the same roof has their individuality and privacy safeguarded, but they can socialize in shared environments.

Main reasons to by a multi-generational home

  • Easier to take care of aging parents
  • a son or daughter can return to live with their parents after an event such as divorce, for example
  • Easier to take care of family members with special needs
  • Relatives can come to visit and stay for a while

Benefits and advantages

  • More affordable
  • More quality time with the family
  • Makes confinement easier during pandemic times

Next-gen houses and the pandemic

North Americans are fleeing the big cities and the harsh winter in search of a better quality of life in Florida, which offers pleasant weather all year round, less population density (less risk of contagion) and more options for outdoor activities with social distance. While looking for a large house, with an outdoor area and pool, they also want rooms and environments to receive close relatives or even to live with them. Next-Gen houses anticipate the new trend.

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