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Tony Goldman had the vision to see the vast promise in a rebuilt South Beach, in a reborn Wynwood, and in a restored Miami Marine Stadium.

So says Don Worth, Miami Beach resident and longtime champion of efforts to rebuild and reopen the iconic waterfront stadium on Virginia Key Beach.

Mr. Worth spoke of his admiration for the late Mr. Goldman, a well-known real estate developer, at a recent meeting of the Virginia Key Advisory Board.

He implored city officials to keep and enhance public access to the stadium site and historic basin, at little or no cost to visitors – in addition to the big-ticket events that may rightfully charge for attendance.

Mr. Worth spoke a couple of times during the meeting, in regard to efforts to scale back the time devoted to the Miami International Boat Show at the city-owned property, and in reaction to the latest plan to redevelop the land surrounding the idled stadium.

The city is in the midst of a million-dollar restoration of the concrete stadium, closed since 1992’s Hurricane Andrew. Separate from the stadium project, the city plans a major rebuild of the property hugging the stadium, referred to for the past several years as a flex park.

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