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The exclusive Fisher Island in Miami saw the completion of its latest condo last year. The luxury condo may boost its ranking as one of the priciest ZIP Codes in the country. After 12 years, the second of two sister buildings is open. Palazzo Della Luna opened with 50 units, including a penthouse unit that set the island’s record listing price of $40 million. Palazzo Del Sol, the other sister building, brought 43 units to Fisher Island, and five are left. The most expensive unit at Sol is $35 million.

Fisher Island is the most exclusive island in Miami and one of the most luxurious communities in the world. Known for having one of the highest per capita income rates in the USA, the island is a luxury condominium surrounded by water, accessible only by ferry, speedboat or helicopter.

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New inventory back on the market at Fisher Island
Palazzo della Luna exterior in Fisher Island Miami – The condo was delivered last year, after more than 10 years.
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