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In real estate, technology has become a very important tool that facilitates day to day operations. In fact, it has also helped to expand investment opportunities. As technology keeps evolving, a new app meant to help with investing will debut in June. “Vaycaychella,” owned by World Series of Golf (WSGF) is in beta testing right now. The app will serve as a finance application designed to facilitate the purchase of short term rental properties.

Vaycaychella, created to work similarly to a dating app, will help investors find short term rental opportunities in a quick manner. Furthermore, the way it will work, is that entrepreneurs will identify a property that could make money as a limited time rental and will post information and a financial goal. From there, users will be able to study the proposal and offer funding.

This is a one-of-a-kind app that targets investors in a completely different way than other investment apps. In fact, the designers say that the app will keep competitors at a distance and allow Vaycaychella to accelerate planned expansion into the short-term rental ecosystem. The app has a different focus from rental apps like Airbnb (ABNB), VRBO, and Expedia, which concentrate on landlord/tenant relationships. World Series of Golf is optimistic that the app will be a success.

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