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Moishe Mana is working on a new Wynwood development. Mana Wynwood will be a 23.5 acre project with the goal of being a trade hub between China and Latin America. In addition, this project will also be a center for arts and entertainment.

Furthermore, to help design the infrastructure, Mana hired Sidewalk Labs. This is an urban innovation company that consults developers on creating amazing communities using technology and sustainable methods.

Mana believes that this project is going to pair up beautifully with the atmosphere of Wynwood. The goal is to have international commerce capabilities during the day, and art and entertainment at night and on weekends.

The new Wynwood development is finally starting to move along after years of waiting. It was first announced in 2015, promising jobs and opportunities for the local community. However, Mana is planning to make an incredible development with careful planning, and so it is taking some time to get it just right. In fact, they are planning this project with Miami’s needs in mind, and prefer to not rush the process.

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New Wynwood Development is finally moving along

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