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Ocean Drive Miami Beach
The Ocean Drive is the most famous avenue in Miami Beach. In the southern part of the island, in South Beach, it is in front of the beach. It is famous for its buildings in art deco style, besides the excitement that lasts day and night. It is there that are the main nightclubs of South Beach.

The Ocean Drive, on one side, has several bars and restaurants. On the other side, across the street towards the beach, is the Lummus Park, a linear park with a huge boardwalk where beautiful people, of all styles, walk, do exercises, run, stroll, they go rollerblading, skateboarding or riding a bicycle. To go to the beach just cross the strip of Lummus Park and ready! Rent a chair and an umbrella and the fun is guaranteed.

The Art Deco buildings at Ocean Drive Miami Beach

If you do not want to enjoy the beach, but just stroll along Ocean Drive during the day, then enjoy the buildings in art deco style. They are houses, hotels, bars and restaurants with façades in straight, geometric and modern lines preserving the “futuristic” architecture of the 20s. Miami Beach Florida is famous for being the largest conglomerate of buildings in art deco style in the world and Ocean Drive is where this architecture is more present and with great expression.

Tired !? What about stop at one of the many bars and have a typical drink of Miami Beach. They are several drinks specially prepared with a “Latin” touch: Mojitos, margaritas, etc. For lunch do not forget that the specialty of restaurants on Ocean Drive are the seafood … freshly baked (not so expensive)! Both in bars and in restaurants you can sit on the sidewalk, enjoying the breeze from the waterfront and the glamorous atmosphere of Miami Beach.

In the evening Ocean Drive gets new life. The bars and restaurants are still there, but now with a new environment, all with their neon signs lit up. At the door of the bars several beautiful hostesses invite you to get in offering drink promotions and discounts. Stroll calmly and choose the bar that best pleases you.

Now that you have “warmed up” the buzz of the bars begin to decline and gives way to the nightclubs. The most famous: Mangos Tropical, Masion and Nikki Beach. They close around 3 am.

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