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In the list of the Top 10 safest cities in Florida, 5 communities belong to the Miami and Orlando region. The suburban regions of these two main cities in Florida hold true hidden treasures, with regard to quality of life and security.

If you already had reasons to buy a house in Orlando or Miami, now you have one more: security!

Orlando and Miami are home to 5 communities listed among the 10 safest in Florida

In addition to the pleasant climate all year round and beautiful beaches, the so-called “Sunshine State” is famous for its multiculturalism, receptivity, amusement parks (Orlando), among others. In the case of braziers, Florida is also a short aerial distance from other states in the USA. Orlando and Miami bring yet another great attraction for Brazilians: The huge and cheap outlets. Even with the high dollar, Brazilians do not stop buying.

See below the 5 safest regions near Miami and Orlando, according to Safewise:

1 – Weston

Weston is a planned community near Miami. The city was designed by a Disney Group company and is considered one of the best cities to live in the United States, according to the well-respected magazine Money Magazine.

In 2020, the community ranked second in the ranking of the safest cities in Florida.

Weston belongs to Broward-County and is on the west end of the county, bordering the Everglades and all the nature and tropicalism that the region provides. The city is still close to Fort Lauderdale, the famous Sawgrass Mills outlet and just 20 minutes from the beautiful beaches of South Florida.

2 – Key Biscayne – one of the safest cities in Florida

Key Biscayne is a small island town east of Miami, in Miami-Dade County. In addition to occupying the second position in the ranking of the safest cities in Florida, the island is also considered the best city to live in the state. The island benefits from other indicators related to high quality of life, in addition to low crime, such as low unemployment and high average income of its residents.

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3 – North Palm Beach

North Palm Beach is just an hour’s drive from Miami and is famous for its elegant and luxurious lifestyle, with beautiful beaches and golf courses.

4 – Winter Springs

Winter Springs is a small community in central Florida, close to Orlando (20 minutes by car), belonging to Seminole County. Like many other cities around Orlando , Winter Springs offers excellent quality of life. With just over 30,000 residents, Winter Springs has one of the lowest crime rates in Florida.

5 – Oviedo

The city of Oviedo is close to Winter Springs and close to Orlando (just 20 miles). The historic city is famous for the chickens that still roam freely in the historic city center. Both Winter Springs and Oviedo are on the shores of beautiful Lake Jesup and still maintain a rural and peaceful atmosphere, with low crime rates and, at the same time, close to the main attractions of central Florida.

The list of 50 cities still features the Sunny Isles Beach , Doral and Coral Gables community, in positions 19, 44 and 46, respectively.

Interested in any of the safe communities listed above?

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